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The principle and function of hifu machine

Pulished on Mar. 22, 2022

Although Hifu machine beauty is called a knife, it is not a real scalpel. The beauty probe emits a matrix molecular energy wave that vibrates up to 6-12 million times per second and penetrates deep into the skin to damage subcutaneous cells. At a depth of about 1.6-4.5mm under the skin, the energy is directly applied to the deep fascia, and a radio frequency electric field is formed in the fascia layer. On the focusing surface, the dermal tissue is strongly impacted, and the electric field aggregation effect is generated on the dermal tissue, so that the subcutaneous temperature is raised to about 60-75 °C, and the effective thermal damage effect of the heat on the dermal fiber layer is determined. Repairing factor siromei and chitosan oligosaccharide are the natural protective barrier of hifu machine surgery, and also trigger the body to start repairing and regenerating cells and repairing fascia, which have better lifting, wrinkle removal and skin tightening effects.


In the case of confirming the beauty effect of hifu machine, the side effects of skin collapse, facial unevenness, and skin necrosis after hifu machine operation are not due to a serious lack of collagen in the body, but because of the lack of control of the balance of collagen fiber production. , to prevent the uncontrolled production of subcutaneous collagen fibers, resulting in subcutaneous growth and nodules of collagen fiber production. That is, subcutaneous scars. For expertise in this area, search the Internet: Scar formation. Get more expertise. Various data have confirmed that simply using collagen without repair factors after hifu machine surgery is likely to aggravate postoperative side effects.


Because the hifu machine itself uses the thermal energy effect, it can effectively shrink the collagen in the dermis and stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the body, so the effect of the hifu machine has little to do with collagen supplementation. The effect of hifu machine is good or bad, and the side effects of hifu machine are related to the normal regeneration of fascia, subcutaneous tissue, dermal cells and epidermal cells, not excessive, not out of control, not shrinking.


The repair factors of Haematococcus pluvialis, β-glucan, and amino acids of silkworm chrysalis are all aimed at preventing the imbalance of collagen fiber production after surgery, or abnormal growth. Contains hifu machine repairing factor silomet and chitosan oligosaccharide. The moisturizing layer needs to be repaired urgently after the hifu machine operation. The hifu machine operation first destroys the subcutaneous hyaluronic acid moisturizing layer and evaporates a lot of water. The subcutaneous skin without the moisturizing layer is in a state of atrophy and damage.

The principle and function of hifu machine 

If you don't repair the moisturizing layer in the prime time immediately after the hifu machine, generate active hyaluronic acid to repair the moisturizing layer. Shrinking cells will be on the verge of necrosis, which is also one of the side effects of hifu machine, facial collapse and shrinkage. Therefore, damage to the subcutaneous moisturizing layer is the cause of facial collapse and atrophy. Contains hyaluronic acid-generating active substances, the repairing factor silomet and chitosan oligosaccharide.

The moisturizing layer is repaired immediately after hifu machine, and the collagen fibers can be stabilized only after the moisturizing ingredients are determined. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are two twin sisters that stabilize the structure of the skin, and both are indispensable. If the repair of the moisturizing layer is not completed after the hifu machine operation, and collagen supplementation alone is likely to increase the personality of the subcutaneous collagen fibers, resulting in uneven skin. Patients with severe damage to the subcutaneous moisturizing layer are likely to miss the only repair time, resulting in severe collapse of the facial skin.


The fascia is like the steel structure of the skin. The skin is supported by this layer of steel. If the fascia is loosened, the skin will loosen. If the fascia is not repaired in time after the hifu machine, it will lose the ability to re-support the epidermis, which will affect hifu. At the same time, dermal cells and epidermal cells will be thermally damaged under heat energy. Therefore, 20 days in advance of the operation, the hifu machine is taken orally to support nutrition, and preoperative preparations are made to generate a large number of repair factors in the body, so that the The tight skin is firmly repositioned on the fascia collagen scaffold, and the repairing molecules are gradually combined into an orderly arrangement of collagen, thereby truly stimulating the regeneration of cells and the repair of the fascia, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting, tightening and smoothing the skin.