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The efficacy and side effects of hifu machine beauty

Pulished on Mar. 24, 2022

Hifu machine beauty originated in Europe and the United States. It first activates human regeneration cells by oral administration of special repair factors for hifu machine, strengthens the nutrition of the body during the repair period, and then uses hifu machine beauty equipment to stimulate cell growth as a beauty method.

Before doing hifu machine cosmetic surgery in Japan and South Korea, there is a one-month nutritional reserve period. In the early stage, a large amount of oral hifu machine was used to support the cortex repair factor in Xinjiyin, so that the repair factor reached the subcutaneous cells through the blood, and then stimulated by the external radio frequency electric stimulation of the hifu machine instrument to activate the function of repairing cells in the body, and a large amount of repair nutrition was used to regenerate collagen for the skin Fiber is an essential nutrient, and at the same time it can awaken the repairing function of the human body, combine internal and external, interact, double and prolong the beauty effect of hifu machine, and prevent side effects of hifu machine.

How does hifu machine beauty work?

The beauty heat energy of hifu machine is through the beam heat transfer method of countless lattices. The beauty probe of hifu machine can emit matrix molecular energy waves that vibrate up to 6 million times per second, and go deep into the skin for repair. The radio frequency electric field in the fascia layer forms a focusing surface, which strongly strikes the dermal tissue, producing an electric field aggregation effect on the dermal tissue, raising the subcutaneous temperature to about 60-75 °C, ensuring the effective thermal damage effect of the heat on the dermal fiber layer, and at the same time a large amount of oral administration The hifu machine is matched with the cortical repairing element in Xinjiyin, which triggers the body to start the function of repairing and regenerating cells.

Take the cortex repairing agent in Xinjiyin twenty days before the operation in the hospital, make preparations before the operation, improve the nutritional reserve of the subcutaneous dermis, and make the tightened skin firmly reposition on the collagen scaffold. Collagen in sequence, so as to really stimulate the new generation of collagen and achieve the purpose of lifting the face.

The efficacy and side effects of hifu machine beauty

What is the beauty effect of hifu machine?

The Korean Medical Skin Research Institute has clinically verified the beauty of hifu machine: the skin is stimulated by the hifu machine beauty instrument, combined with the cortex repairing element in Xinjiyin, and the anti-aging physiotherapy process of two-way combination has been clinically verified in 1148 patients after treatment. Facial wrinkles, sagging, enlarged pores, and skin luster are improved to varying degrees compared to before treatment. Among them, 987 cases (85.97%) were markedly effective, 161 cases (14.03%) were effective, and no invalid cases were found, and the total effective rate was 100%.

Why do some people make hifu machines without effect?

Doing a hifu machine is actually just an aid, it is really your own repair function at work to complete 100% new cell regeneration. In foreign countries, hifu machine fully cooperates with the cortex repair element in Xinjiyin, and the facial lifting effect lasts for 3 to 5 years. The hifu machine only destroys the subcutaneous cells and initiates self-repair, but if the nutrition cannot keep up, it will definitely affect the effect. The real effect comes from the postoperative recovery process. The nourishment of the body is like the root of a big tree. If the branches and leaves are pruned, without the foundation, the branches and leaves will not flourish in the coming year. Making a hifu machine is a two-way combination of beauty and physiotherapy process. In the next few months after the hifu machine, the self-repair will really decide the result.

As the country has higher and higher requirements for the sales qualifications of medical nutrition products, some hospitals do not have the sales qualifications of medical nutrition products, which leads to individual patients not knowing that the whole process of rehabilitation requires the use of special repair collagen, which also directly affects the effect and duration of the operation. Patients who are short, older, or in poor constitution may experience postoperative side effects.

Why is my skin dry after hifu machine? Is it right to use a lot of mask to relieve it?

The whole process of the hifu machine operation is completed by high temperature. When the subcutaneous focused electric shock is performed at high temperature, the hyaluronic acid penetrates into the cells under the skin to perform the operation, which first destroys the moisturizing layer under the skin, so the hyaluronic acid component will be absorbed first. destroy. At the same time, a high temperature operation of 75 degrees for about an hour will evaporate a lot of water under the skin. Causes unusually dry skin. Frequent use of facial mask to relieve dryness after surgery can only get short-term relief, which will make the epidermis more and more dry. Excessive use of facial masks will make matters worse, because after the entire subcutaneous is damaged, the daily nutrients of the epidermis cannot be transferred vertically, and the vertical nutrient source of the epidermis is basically cut off, and nutrients can only be transferred horizontally. A large number of masks will fill the subcutaneous cells with water and block the blood circulation. The synergy slows down the mutual transfer of nutrients under the skin, which directly affects the regeneration of new cells.

Loss and repair of hyaluronic acid Everyday food does not contain substances, so the human body will never regenerate. The cortex repair element in Xinjiyin contains double bidirectional moisturizing factor repair, which can directly generate subcutaneous moisturizing factor cells. It is aimed at completely solving the problem of subcutaneous dryness after hifu machine operation.

Side effects of hifu machine beauty?

Hifu machine beauty is a physical beauty method. During the operation, the high temperature of 75 degrees will first damage the skin surface. When our cells are damaged, the repair intelligence in the body will start, and a large amount of nutrients will be secreted to gather in the wound to accelerate the wound. Recovery, the workhorse of these nutrients are growth factors, hyaluronic acid and collagen. After the age of 30, the growth factors, collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body have declined rapidly. If there is a serious lack of nutrition in the body, the regeneration of skin cells will fail after surgery, and permanent damage will occur. Permanent skin collapse, dark complexion, stiffness and other undesirable high phenomena.

Why does the Medical Beauty Plastic Surgery Hospital fully advocate a large number of oral cortex repair elements in Xinjiyin dedicated to hifu machine before and after surgery?

If you are severely deficient in nutrition, postoperative skin cell regeneration will fail and permanent damage will occur, which is the biggest risk of microplastic surgery. It is also the biggest concern of plastic surgeons. Before and after the hifu machine, a large amount of repair collagen must be taken orally, and the correct use of the treatment technology of the hifu machine, which combines internal and external beauty, can be safe, reliable and lasting.