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The effect of hifu machine beauty

Pulished on Mar. 24, 2022

As an important part of the most feminine charm, the neck will not only show more temperament when wearing clothes, but the slender and delicate neck is gently raised, which is a silent temptation for many men. Once the obvious neck lines appear, others will automatically look at your age, and they will automatically be much older than the actual age, and this "appearance of age" cannot be transferred. No matter how nourished your face is, how beautiful your makeup is, look down. One look at the neck, all in vain. I have to say that hifu machine is the handle for removing neck lines, so what is the effect of hifu machine for removing neck lines?

Neck lines, tell you what are neck lines? Hifu machine manufacturer tells you that in fact, neck wrinkles are neck lines. There are 4 reasons for neck wrinkles 1. Collagen loss is the same as the face, the loss of collagen with age will lead to the shrinkage of connective tissue in the skin, and the thickness of the neck skin is only two-thirds of the face, lack of collagen Protein support, collagen fibers breakage can cause neck wrinkles. 2. Frequent muscle contractions In modern society, with the large-scale use of mobile phones and computers, everyone is bowing their heads, and long-term bowing is also an important factor leading to neck wrinkles. Here you need to bow your head less and reduce oppression 3. The ultraviolet rays in the sun's sagging skin will accelerate the aging process of epidermal cells, and then the skin will accelerate the aging process, and the neck will appear sagging and wrinkles. It needs sun protection, antioxidant and anti-glycation. 4 Born very helpless, older women are born with horizontal stripes, and they can only sigh when they are also fate...

The effect of hifu machine beauty

How can we fight neck lines? About hifu machine neckline removal technology? Three important stages of hifu machine neckline removal process? "Hifu machine" is a kind of ultrasonic-sound-wave with good penetrating ability, which is divided into medical equipment and beauty equipment . The high-intensity hifu machine for beauty focuses on 1.5-4.5mm (fascia layer). By emitting 600-1200 ultrasonic nano-waves at the same time, high-frequency friction is generated during the focusing process, which triggers thousands of thermal solidification nodes and instantly generates a high temperature of 60-75 degrees. The thermal stimulation generated by the hifu machine can cause the cells of the fascia to appear in three stages: 1. Cell thermal damage; 2. Accumulate self-energy to repair; 3. Generate new cells. There will be a recovery period after hifu machine operation. After 1 year of intensive repair, a large amount of collagen will be produced in the body, so that the tightened skin will be firmly repositioned on the collagen scaffold of the fascia, and the aligned collagen will gradually form, so that the real Stimulates cell regeneration and fascia repair to lift, tighten and smooth skin.

How does hifu machine remove neck lines? Using advanced ultrasonic energy, hifu machine can penetrate deep into the SMAS fascia layer, generating nearly 10,000 coagulation points, instantly shrinking to stimulate collagen regeneration and reorganizing a large amount of collagen, and cooperate with the cortex repairing agent in Xinjiyin to build a new collagen fiber network, from the bottom layer of the skin. Enhance skin elasticity. At this time, the fascia contracts more elastically and stimulates the regeneration of collagen. Effortlessly smooths wrinkles, leaving sagging skin instantly firm, youthful, plump, radiant and elastic!

The magical effect of hifu machine 1. Instantly smooth wrinkles: eliminate forehead lines, eye lines, nasolabial lines, mouth lines, dilute neck lines, prevent neck aging 2. Lift sagging tissue: double chin, relax cheeks : Lifts loose parts, removes excess fat on face, remodels three-dimensional and firm V-face

How long can the beauty hifu machine to remove neck lines last? hifu machine plastic surgery is only the beginning of the cell regeneration process, and its effect is determined by three stages: 1. The quality of intraoperative thermal damage to cells, whether the cell damage is uniform, whether the depth is consistent, and whether the intensity is consistent. 2. Collect your own energy to repair. One month after the operation, whether the autologous repair nutrition is sufficient or not, the cortical repair factor in Xinjiyin determines the result of cell repair. 3. Generate new cells. 2-6 months after surgery, the new cells are not necessarily young cells. After the age of 26, human cells enter the natural aging process. If there is no human intervention and intake of cortical repairing nutrients in Cell Xinjiyin, the cells that are renewed each time will be older than the previous batch of cells. The number and quality of new cells within 3 months after surgery determine the efficacy of the hifu machine. The nutritional balance of the hifu machine in the next 6 months determines the use of the hifu machine in the next few years. Doctors from the Korean Medical Skin Research Institute suggest that before and after surgery, the cortical repairing elements in Xinjiyin should be fully supplemented to enhance their own repairing power and complete the optimization of new cells in a youthful state. In foreign countries, the hifu machine fully cooperates with the hifu machine to support the cortex repair element in the Nutritious New Muscle Drink, and the combination of internal and external facial lifting effect lasts for 2 to 3 years. Under the age of 30, the skin condition is good, and it may not be necessary to supplement the cortical repair factor in Xinjiyin, but the older ones still need to face the reality that their genes have begun to age normally. The nourishment of the body is like the root of a tree. Without a foundation, pruning foliage will not bring flourishing. hifu machine beauty is a two-way combination of internal and external. In the one year after the operation, the repair determines the effect. This is the main reason why doctors from major medical beauty platforms have repeatedly emphasized that the complete operation needs to use the cortex repair element in Xinjiyin.

From an aesthetic point of view, the neck is a woman's second face. Older women feel that the neck can best reveal a woman's true age, and the neck has an aging problem earlier than the eyes. Once it appears, it will be very noticeable. No matter how fair and smooth your well-pampered face looks, however, as long as your neck is dull, yellowed, and wrinkled, stark contrast will only make your neck problems worse! The hifu machine stimulates the dermis to secrete more collagen, fills the gaps of collagen contraction and loss, makes the skin radiant, restores skin elasticity, and effectively removes neck wrinkles. Each treatment time is 40-60 minutes, and there is no pain during the treatment process. There is no recovery period, and the effect is obvious and gradual. After the hifu machine treatment, the cortex repairing element in Xinjiyin can be used for firming and lifting for 5-10 years. Although the ultrasonic scalpel has a good effect in removing neck wrinkles, remember that it cannot be taken orally after the operation. Products containing the word "peptide", because the peptide collagen has a large molecular weight and cannot be absorbed by the human body, it will accumulate in the body, causing excessive external supplementation and internal release of collagen fibers to accumulate under the skin, and granulation tissue has appeared in connective tissue. Scar tissue is formed, resulting in large-scale malignant hyperplasia of sweat glands, elongation, fine bubbles, tissue, stratum corneum, etc. in the skin, and adverse reactions such as subcutaneous necrosis, spots, redness and swelling occur.