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Skin Analysis Equipment Encyclopedia

Pulished on Mar. 07, 2022

The medical beauty skin analysis equipment has a variety of functions with a beautiful interface and comprehensive practical functions. It should also have several major analysis modules and can accurately analyze skin oil, moisture, pigmentation, pores, and skin age. The moisture data is directly obtained by obtaining the moisture data under the stratum corneum of the skin, and the data accuracy is high.

How to Identify a Really Useful Skin Analysis Device System

The first thing to consider is the accuracy of the data analyzed by the instrument. If you want to know the accuracy of the data, you need to check from several aspects:

Choose a professional skin analysis equipment manufacturer

Only professional skin analysis equipment manufacturers can complete the matching of hardware and software. Skin analysis is not only based on good hardware, clear picture quality, accurate magnification, and good uniformity of light, so that the data can be analyzed accurately. The combination of software is the most important thing. The skin instruments produced by many medical and beauty equipment companies in South Korea and Japan can amazingly reproduce the three-dimensional skin image with real 3D restoration technology and can analyze the skin at any angle. Observation, the comprehensive report with pictures and texts presents all test results to customers in the form of digital percentages. Last year, China's medical beauty equipment companies also introduced this technology

Skin Analysis Equipment Encyclopedia

Understanding Skin Analysis Device Hardware Technology

The latest invention of finderscope technology is a digitally processed skin image processing system that has the unique ability to penetrate deep into the skin, to see the pigment under the skin and the health of the skin, and to measure and change over time. Monitor these changes. It can help you understand several problems of skin aging: skin oil content, moisture content, skin pigment spots and distribution, sun damage, pores, wrinkles, and can also be used to track the progress of treatment, even the smallest change, it can be quantitatively displayed, giving you the confidence and direction of the treatment, to know whether this hardware is the latest technology adopted by this company and whether this skin analysis device is developed by this company It will be helpful to know whether you can get more satisfactory service when there is a problem with the instrument in the future.

Understanding Skin Analysis Device Software Analysis System

A set of really useful skin analysis software should be software that can produce accurate data, and it should have a variety of functions with beautiful interface and comprehensive practical functions. It should also have several major analysis modules and can accurately analyze the changes in skin oil, moisture, pigmentation, pores, skin age (also known as skin elasticity), and each test should have accurate data, For example, how many percentages of water content, how many percentages of oil, pigmentation, elasticity, etc., etc., are conducive to the comparison before and after. To be able to accurately grasp the changes of the skin, data is the key to the skin analysis system. At the same time, it is necessary to know whether the software is developed by this company, who should be contacted for maintenance when the software system is unstable, and whether there is a professional maintenance team. Friends who need instruments in this area can also evaluate from the following aspects, and should be able to find equipment suitable for skin analysis.

Summary of functions of the skin analysis device:

1. Novel appearance design

skin detector

2. The product adopts a coaxial cold light source around the lens and imported combined coated lenses; it can be connected to a computer, and the image clarity can be adjusted.

3. This product contains a freeze-frame function, which allows you to quickly and clearly detect and analyze the depth of skin texture, roughness, size of pores, etc. of skin texture on the screen; and can be compared at the same time.

4. Using 1.3 million pixel sensor, the image is clear and the color is vivid.

5. Standard equipment: 12mm polarized lens, analysis software.

6. Dedicated DSP image processing chip, electronic anti-shake system

7. With freeze-frame function, the image output screen size can be selected from 1280*800 pixels

8. Automatic white balance, automatic fill light

Accuracy of skin detection device software

The analysis system does not need to add another moisture test pen to supplement the moisture data. The CBS software only needs to rotate the lens counterclockwise, and directly obtain the moisture data by obtaining the moisture data under the skin stratum corneum, with high data accuracy.

About the presentation of results and the form of product recommendations

After the analysis is used, the accurate data is directly displayed in the lower right corner. When the analysis data is obtained, the results are very intuitive and easy to understand, and the related products will be directly jumped out of the product recommendation area for selection. The efficacy and course of treatment of the selected products will appear directly in the Report

How to take pictures and the time required for analysis

For the analysis of several items such as oil, pigment, pores, elasticity, and wrinkles, only one picture needs to be taken. Since the moisture analysis detects the lower part of the transparent layer, another picture needs to be taken. A total of only two pictures are needed to complete all projects, including introduction and recommended products, within three minutes, saving computer memory space.

About data backup and restore

During use, the data can be automatically backed up, of course, it can also be manually backed up, which is very important to the user. Once the data is lost, the consequences will be disastrous.

About the convenience of product pre-recording

If your company is a cosmetics chain company, you only need to enter all products in one computer, and then back up the data, you can directly restore the backed up data to any other software without re-entering each computer. , which will achieve the integrity of the merchant's products and save more workload.

Software system adaptability

Support various versions of the system, including Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.

Background test standard settings

The test standards in the background can be adjusted, and can be applied to people of all kinds of skin types, not only limited to Asian skin types