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RF beauty equipment principle

Pulished on Dec. 22, 2022

Radio Frequency (RF) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency, which indicates the electromagnetic frequency that can be radiated into space, and the frequency range is from 300kHz to 300GHz. RF is radio frequency current, or RF for short, which is the abbreviation of a high frequency AC changing electromagnetic waves.

When their frequency is higher than 100kHz, electromagnetic waves can be propagated in the air, forming a long-distance transmission capability. RF is widely used in the field of wireless communication, and is closely related to our life, and is ubiquitous.

In recent years, with the development and maturity of RF technology, it is increasingly used in medical and cosmetic fields.

RF beauty equipment principle

RF beauty equipment principle of action

When the radio frequency beauty equipment instrument work, the human body has become a part of the circuit, and the human body is the existence of impedance, radio frequency current encountered by different parts of the human body, will produce different heat due to the size of the impedance, the greater the impedance, the greater the heat.

The impedance of muscle is about 100Ω, the impedance of skin is about 300Ω, the impedance of fat is more than 2000Ω, theoretically, RF application in lipolysis, the effect will be more significant.

When the target is set to connective tissue in the middle dermis, RF will form an electromagnetic field under the skin and act on the water molecules in the collagen, thus causing the water molecules to vibrate and rotate millions of times per second to generate heat, when the temperature reaches 55-70°, the collagen fibers will contract and tighten, the face will be lifted obviously and the skin will be tightened.

When the target is set for the deep dermis, it will stimulate the collagen fibers to contract instantly and produce a series of physical reactions after the tissue is heated to enhance the new morning metabolism, so that the fibroblasts in the dermis continuously synthesize new collagen, synthesize elastic stiff protein, secrete basal fluid, thus restoring the original elasticity of the skin and making it full and smooth again.

When the target is set to the subcutaneous tissue layer, the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue layer will be heated to reduce their size, thus achieving the effect of weight loss and slimming.

The effect of radiofrequency on the organism can lead to vasodilation, accelerated circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, increased permeability of capillaries and cell membranes, increased intracellular enzyme activity, and accelerated metabolism.

Radiofrequency effect

1. Skin tightening and lifting: RF thermal effect can make the collagen fibers under the skin contract immediately, and the skin is lifted and tightened.

2. Promote metabolism: increase blood circulation of subcutaneous tissue, increase oxygen supply, promote the rejuvenation of collagen fibers, reduce wrinkles and become lighter, smooth and elastic skin, and appear in a youthful state.

3. Weight loss and shaping: radiofrequency treatment can reduce the volume of fat cells, so as to achieve the role of shaping body search.

Radiofrequency characteristics

1. Fast effect: immediately after treatment, it causes collagen contraction.

2. Long-lasting effect: the collagen in the dermis continues to increase after treatment and can last for several months to two years.

3. Non-invasive: RF does not require injection and is not an invasive treatment. RF has a selective electrothermal effect, which only produces a low-temperature hyperthermal effect on the local target tissue, reducing the damage to the surrounding tissue and cell destruction.

4. Safety: Because the damage is slight, so there is no recovery period or recovery time, and the postoperative period does not affect work and study, leaving no scar and no pigmentation.

5. Extensive: It can be applied to all skin tones and skin types, and can treat the whole face or specific parts of the face.