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Popular science: What are the special beauty equipment for beauty salons

Pulished on Dec. 14, 2021

In the age of beauty, skin care at home can no longer meet the anti-aging needs of most people. Therefore, we have started to carry out beauty services in communities, prosperous areas, and high-end clubs, and now beauty services are mainly based on esthetician equipment. This has to make the major beauty salons start to change from the service form of technique + box to beauty machine.

In the process of this transformation, esthetician equipment for beauty salons will appear. So, what are the esthetician equipment for beauty salons?

1. Skin Equipment-Basic skincare, facial cleansing category:

Some basic skin care and facial cleansing equipment for 8-25 years old are still very important. People aged 18-25 have sufficient collagen, and most of the problems that need to be solved are acne on the face caused by puberty hormone problems and uncleanliness. Therefore, basic skin care and skin equipment are also essential equipment for shop opening.

Hifu ultrasound facelift machine is a basic cleansing, skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle equipment, which can meet the basic skin care needs of 18-25 years old, while hifu facelift machine can meet the needs of high-end anti-aging.

2. Skin laser treatment machine-pigment management series

Acne marks and stains seriously affect the lives of modern people. According to investigations, the effect of skin care products on acne marks and stains is not satisfactory. Therefore, more and more people start to go to hospitals or beauty salons to try skin laser treatment machine freckle removal. .

You can choose laser skin resurfacing machine for freckle and acne marks, using unique holographic lattice diffraction technology. Compared with traditional nanosecond Q-switched lasers, it uses a shorter treatment course to quickly, ruthlessly and quasi-blast the melanin tissue and stimulate collagen. Rebirth, in order to achieve the effect of beautifying skin.

Fractional laser is a new type of local laser therapy to treat skin lesions and wrinkles and fine lines. It is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive. Compared with traditional lasers, it is more powerful. The skin treatment machine can directly reach the deep dermis of the human facial skin, stimulate the damaged part of the dermal tissue for repair, so that the dermis produces more collagen and rearranges it to achieve a skin rejuvenation effect.

4. Micro-needle fractional rf machine-facial anti-aging series:

Micro-needle fractional rf machine: Using microneedles to accurately act on the RF energy of different depths of skin tissues, rf microneedle machine stimulates and induces the reorganization and regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, improves the skin texture from the source, and forms a subcutaneous youthful alternative energy source, rf microneedle The machine directly, effectively and lastingly rejuvenates the skin.

5. Body contouring machine- body anti-aging series

Although body anti-aging has not been popular on a large scale, a large number of upstream body contouring machine suppliers have sensed the business opportunities in it, and have begun to introduce physical health management and body building equipment, which are very suitable for local shaping and fat reduction. A body contouring machine dedicated to beauty salons to create a charming body.

6. diode laser hair removal equipment- laser hair removal equipment

Semiconductor laser hair removal machine is currently one of the most clinically used laser hair removal systems, with a wavelength of 800nm or 810nm. In terms of wavelength, hair follicle melanin has relatively strong light absorption in this wavelength band, which can effectively damage hair follicles; epidermal melanin absorbs less energy from semiconductor lasers, so it has advantages for dark skin hair removal treatment.

Beauty salon hair removal device chooses 808 semiconductor laser hair removal device with good effect

Many people think that when summer is over, there is no need for hair removal. In fact, this is not the case. Hair removal is needed all year round. Most people now choose home hair removal devices, but the laser and power of this hair removal device are not so stable. Not only will it damage our skin, the hair removal effect is not so good.

In contrast, hair removal equipment in beauty salons is much more formal and the effect will be much better. But nowadays, the hair removal projects in beauty salons are dazzling and varied. 

What type of hair removal equipment should we choose?

Selection of hair removal equipment for beauty salons

Speaking of hair removal devices, the 808 hair removal device should be a hot way of hair removal. The 808nm wavelength is selected. This wavelength can directly reach the hair follicle tissue, convert light energy into heat energy, and make the temperature of the hair follicle rise sharply. The effect of destroying the hair follicle tissue and hair loss, and a single wavelength, only for the hair follicle, and the surrounding skin tissue will not be damaged. Compared with other hair removal programs, the effect is better, the pain is less, and the stimulation is less!

Nowadays, there are many diode hair removal machine manufacturers of 808 hair removal machine. Different manufacturers use different technologies and produce different effects. The 808 hair removal machine of the regular diode hair removal machine manufacturer is an intelligent operating system that can be used according to skin color, The hair softness, hair color system automatically recommends appropriate treatment parameters, different parameters are used for different parts, and the corresponding treatment course can be formulated according to the individual's different physique. The effect achieved is more ideal. Moreover, the survey found that the probability of permanent hair removal with the 808 hair removal device can reach more than 90%.

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Advantages of 808 Semiconductor Laser Hair Removal Equipment: Selected light waves to accurately act on target cells

Laser hair removal equipment manufacturer uses Israeli technology. The laser lamp head is combined with natural sapphire to filter out the rest of the stray light. The single wavelength of 808nm is selected. The heat generated by the laser will be quickly transported to the hair follicles under the skin and act precisely on Target cells quickly coagulate the proteins in the hair follicles. The nutrients needed for growth are destroyed, and they will fall off naturally.

And because the light in this band is only absorbed by the hair, you don’t have to worry about the light’s impact on the skin during hair removal, and the power can be adjusted at will. The 808 hair removal instrument is effective for removing thick and hard hair. Is one of the best.

Comfortable, gentle, fast hair removal without turning black.

The hair removal equipment on the market, whether it is pulsed light or laser, will generate a certain amount of heat during hair removal. The higher the temperature, the better the hair removal effect. But this often burns our skin. But the 808 hair removal device developed by diode hair removal machine manufacturers can solve this problem well. It adopts the method of freezing point hair removal. While the laser is irradiated, the hand can be powerfully cooled, and the cooling power is equivalent to a few seconds of frosting. Kind of speed. It will not scald the epidermis, it will feel very comfortable during the whole process of hair removal, and the chance of turning black is very small.