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Non-invasive slimming equipment—EMSCULPT machine

Pulished on Dec. 15, 2021

Principle of emsculpt machine

HIFEM Focused Magnetic Vibration Ultra Shrink Therapy

• Emsculpt machine uses HIFEM technology (focused magnetic resonance technology)

• The energy pulse of each treatment stimulates 20,000 strong muscle contractions

• This "ultra-muscle exercise" can never be achieved through ordinary muscle exercise

Emsculpt machine acts on muscle and fat

• HIFEM machine pulses selectively drive motor neurons without affecting the skin

• "Ultra-muscle exercise" stimulates super-fast metabolism of fat cells and strong fat breakdown

• Hypermetabolism causes dysfunction and dysfunction of fat cells, which in turn triggers cell apoptosis

• Accompanied by muscle strengthening and growth effects at the same time, "muscle gain + fat burning" in one step

"Ultra-muscle movement" stimulates muscle growth, and magnetic vibration technology drives the gain effect of "ultra-muscle movement", which cannot be achieved by natural muscle movement:

• Muscle tissue changes significantly under the drive of "high intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer technology"

• Increased muscle fiber volume (hypertrophy)

• This leads to muscle volume and muscle fiber density while increasing muscle

Safety of EMSCULPT machine

 Non-ionizing-non-ionizing does not change the molecule or affect/change the structure of the cell

 No radiation-no radioactivity

 Non-thermal-based on electromagnetic pulse mechanism, no heat is generated

 Does it damage sensory nerves-only stimulate motor nerve endings

 5 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved patents

 Patented technology for non-invasive treatment of muscle and fat

Non-invasive slimming equipment—EMSCULPT machine

Emsculpt machine operation and treatment head

Simple operation improves return on investment

• The doctor's operation time for each treatment is less than 10 minutes

• No need for operator monitoring

• 4 30-minute treatments, 2-3 days apart (twice a week)

• Emsculpt machine is completely free of consumables

• The life of the treatment head is 6 million pulses

• The magnetic field integrity can be maintained during the life of the treatment head

• The treatment head is similar to X-wave, IPL or laser equipment, only the wearing parts need to be replaced instead of the entire handle.

Frequently Asked Questions about emsculpt hifem machine

Is there a difference in curative effect with one or two treatment heads for abdominal treatment? How should I choose?

• It is recommended that all patients use two treatment heads for treatment at the same time. Both treatment heads must be in full contact with the skin, rather than hovering on the side or beyond the treatment area. This will ensure that all abdominal muscles are treated and activated. One treatment head at a time is only recommended for small patients. Both therapies are equally effective.

What is the difference between the two treatment modes, P1 and P2?

• P1 uses broadband pulse segments. In these pulse segment treatments, the "super muscle movement" lasts longer and the pulse

The energy is higher. Effectively trigger a large number of lipolysis reactions, leading to fat apoptosis. Very suitable for abdominal treatment.

• P2 does not include these longer pulse zones, so it is designed to strengthen muscles and avoid unwanted destruction of hip fat.

Will it melt fat while lifting the hips?

• A number of studies have confirmed that the metabolic activity of hip fat is lower than belly fat. Because of this, it does not dissolve fat when treating the buttocks.

How long does the Emsculpt hifem machine effect last?

• It is scientifically proven that the treatment of EMSCULPT machine induces fat cell apoptosis, which is irreversible cell death. The result is lasting. Clinical studies have shown that these results are completely maintained 3 to 6 months after treatment. Previous general studies have also confirmed that after strenuous exercise, muscles can maintain gain and improvement for at least 6 months.

Is the energy penetration depth safe? Will it affect the internal organs?

• Magnetic pulse technology has existed for decades, and its safety has been proven by dozens of studies. The only pair of energy

The responding tissues are motor neurons, so it has no effect on other tissues, including organs.

The principle and core advantages of emsculpt machine

1. Core HIFEM machine technology-high-intensity focused electromagnetic field technology High-intensity electromagnetic wave HIFEM machine (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field) technology, the energy pulse of each treatment stimulates 20,000 strong muscle contractions, and this "muscle contraction" intensity and Frequency is never achieved by ordinary muscle exercise. High-intensity muscle contraction stimulates muscle growth and induces fat cells to accelerate metabolism.

2. The principle of high intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer

Generally, muscle gaining is controlled by the brain by the brain. The strength and amplitude of muscle contraction are limited. Only some muscles can exercise. It is difficult to achieve muscle gaining effect in a short period of time. The high-intensity muscle contraction brings about a gain effect that cannot be achieved by natural muscle movement, which will be significantly changed under the drive of "hi emt machine focused magnetic vibration technology". The muscle volume and muscle fiber density increase at the same time to achieve muscle gain and produce clearer muscle lines.

3. Hi emt machine fat reduction principle During general aerobic exercise, the body mainly consumes carbohydrates in the first 10-15 minutes, and then the fat burning rate gradually increases. It is difficult to achieve the effect of fat reduction in a short time. The high-intensity muscle contraction of hiemt causes fat cells to be overloaded, causing intense lipolysis. A large amount of triglycerides in fat cells are decomposed into free fatty acids (FFA), and free fatty acids "burst" cause functional overload, exceeding fat. The cell’s endurance limit, the breakdown of fat cell function leads to cell apoptosis. The apoptotic fat cells are inactivated and decomposed within a few weeks and are completely eliminated from the body to achieve fat reduction.

4. Three modes of emsculpt machine:

The user can set different pulse parameters to ensure the highest clinical efficacy. The emsculpt machine can adjust and set different pulse parameters to ensure the clinical efficacy. The treatment starts at a low intensity, and the intensity will gradually increase according to the tolerance of the therapist.

The first stage: The emsculpt machine warms up the muscles, wakes up the muscles, and prepares for intensive exercise. The muscles tightened slightly, and there was a feeling of pulling upwards.

The second stage: high-density muscle contraction (longer contraction than the first stage), high intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer makes the muscles reach 100% extreme training, triggers lipolysis, increases muscle mass and causes fat cells to apoptosis at the same time. The second stage contraction is longer than the first stage and is more pronounced than the first stage. This is because emsculpt machine makes the muscles "contract a thousand times in a few seconds" and "contract a hundred times in a few seconds". the difference.

The third stage: Use low-density electromagnetic waves to relax the muscles and help drain away toxins or lactic acid released by the muscles, which is relatively easy to tolerate. One of it feels like it has power to beat the muscle (about 10 times per second), which is a very slow contraction.

 5. Mainly acting on muscles and fat HIFEM machine pulses selectively drive motor neurons, without affecting or harming skin muscle contraction. "It stimulates fat cell over-speed metabolism. The strong fat decomposition and over-speed metabolism make fat cell dysfunction and dysfunction, which in turn triggers cells. Apoptosis is accompanied by muscle strengthening and growth effects, and "muscle gain + fat burning" can be achieved in one step.

6. Hi emt machine treatment area

Strengthen the abdominal muscles and shape the vest line. The high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy technology used by hi emt machine stimulates 20,000 strong muscle contractions when it acts on the abdomen. This super-muscle exercise can increase the density and volume of abdominal muscles, and decompose and eliminate abdominal fat.

Emsculpt machine enhances the buttocks curve and creates peach buttocks. When emsculpt machine acts on the buttocks, the powerful energy pulse makes the buttocks muscles keep contracting. Muscles gradually increase and thicken in this "super-muscle exercise", the overall buttocks are improved, the muscle relaxation is also significantly reduced, and the entire buttocks lines are becoming more and more obvious.

7. the treatment process of emsculpt machine

Emsculpt machine treatment does not need to take off clothes or apply gel, just lie on the bed, put the muscle pacemaker on the treatment site, and it can be completed in 30 minutes. Energy from 0 to 100%. It is generally recommended that the energy be 20-40% in the first ten minutes, increase to 70% in the second ten minutes, and increase to 90-100% in the third ten minutes. The entire emsculpt machine treatment is non-invasive, painless, no recovery period, perfect exercise without sweating.

High intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer is suitable for people

In principle, the emsculpt machine is suitable for everyone, including many people who do not seem to be fat, but still have a small belly, local fat, no muscles and firm skin. It is also very suitable for postpartum mothers who want to reshape their bodies. But if your fat is extremely high and your weight base is too large, it is more reasonable and effective to lose weight first and then further increase muscle fat burning.

8. What are the advantages of emsculpt machine VS other fat-reducing instruments

1)Combine fat burning + muscle gain

Like the comparison fire fat loss instrument in the medical beauty market, it is generally only effective for eliminating fat, and does not pay attention to muscle tissue. At the same time, the beauty needs to have obvious fat bumps to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. It is not very suitable for many people, especially those who have a low body mass index (BMI) and want to further optimize their body lines. The emsculpt machine can not only break down fat cells, but also increase muscle mass to form a clearer abdomen contour and a rounder buttocks. Therefore, if you want to create a fit body curve, it is undoubtedly a priority to choose emsculpt machine.

2)The effect is fast and significant

Compared with other fat-reducing equipment, the emsculpt machine takes effect very quickly. Even one or two days after a treatment can see results. A course of treatment is 4 to 6 times, each time is 2-3 days apart, and you will be constantly surprised at your changes during the last 2-4 weeks of treatment.

3) Lazy Fitness Black Technology-Easily build a devil figure. A course of four treatments can effectively increase muscle 16%, reduce fat by 19%, increase muscles, improve body fat burning power, shape abdominal muscles, buttocks, and tighten body-building lines.