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Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Wikipedia

Pulished on May. 20, 2022

The tattoo removal machine mainly has the mainboard - power supply - laser gun - chassis - pump - display composition. In fact, the laser gun is the main component, the laser gun, divided into the heart of the gun, the energy lamp. The energy lamp crystal bar is a life span of the general machine is about 500,000 points, the high end of the machine has 1 million - 1.5 million points.

Laser tattoo machine is the use of laser-blasting effect, the laser effectively penetrates the epidermis, to reach the dermis pigment mass, due to the extremely short duration of action of the laser (only a few nanoseconds) energy is extremely high, pigment mass in the instant absorption of high energy after the rapid expansion of the laser, rupture into tiny particles, these small particles are swallowed by the body's macrophages and excreted, the pigment gradually lightened and disappeared, and finally achieve the treatment of These small particles are swallowed by the body's macrophages and discharged, and the pigment gradually fades away, eventually achieving the purpose of treatment.

Precautions for laser treatment.

1) The pigmentation may disappear or be reduced by laser treatment once or more times.

(2) Laser treatment is performed superficially and usually does not result in scars.

3) Pigment changes may occur in the short term after laser treatment and will disappear after a few months.

4) Within two weeks of treatment, it is in principle not advisable to rub off.

5)Small area treatment only shows slight local swelling. Swelling will be noticeable in large area treatment, especially around the eyes, and will disappear on its own after three or five days.

6)After laser treatment, there can be mild redness and swelling, light brown scab, we should pay attention to the protection of the trauma, clean available some lubricating YAO material, prohibit early scab removal, let the self fall off.

(7) face about half a month after surgery for special mask treatment.

8)The treatment site is more sensitive to sunlight, so three months after treatment should avoid sun exposure, if necessary, it is advisable to use sunscreen YAO water.

(9) Three weeks before receiving the treatment also try to avoid sun exposure, so as not to hinder the treatment effect.

(10) one week before receiving laser treatment, you should avoid taking aspirin and other YAOs to prevent easy bleeding.

In addition, there are two other conditions that require particular attention.

(i) Patients who are keloid, which may leave unsightly scars, should be cautious in doing laser treatment and seek active treatment from the doctor in case of problems.

②Patients with hyperpigmentation spots, if due to endocrine factors, may "resurface" after laser removal, such patients need to combine with other treatments, adjust endocrine disorders, use decolorizing YAO substances, take larger doses of vitamin C, and eat more fruits daily. After a period of time, most of the skin tissues can be restored to normal, superficial scarring can be flattened, and pigmentation spots can fade away. However, for some spots and moles that are deeper and larger in size, there is a possibility of scarring or pigmentation after laser treatment, which should be carefully considered before laser treatment.

Post-laser treatment care.

1.Mild pain may occur during the treatment, and there may also be transient reactions such as redness and swelling, which will disappear on their own.

2. The scab film falls off in 7-14 days and the wound heals. Individual patients may experience normal temporary hyperpigmentation after surgery, which will gradually be absorbed. Oral vitamin C can reduce pigmentation reflux.

3. During the healing period, antibacterial ointment can be applied or oral anti-inflammatory YAO can be taken to prevent secondary infection. Avoid direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Otherwise, transient hyperpigmentation will occur and scarring may occur after infection.

4. No contact with water, no makeup, no rubbing, avoid spicy, smoking and alcohol in the treatment area before the scabs fall off. Inside forbidden to eat dark-colored food such as: coffee, Pepsi, etc., to let the scab fall off on its own, shall not be forced to peel off. Do not participate in vigorous sports, so as not to cause infection after sweating.

5. Where pigmented dermatosis after treatment, must pay attention to sun protection, pigment fading is a slow biological process, generally 1-2.5 months, during this period must continue to protect against the sun. In order to obtain the best results, those who must repeat the treatment should be interval of more than 3 months.

6. Depending on the nature of the lesion the depth and location of the pigmentation, treatment may have to be performed several times for certain lesions.

Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Wikipedia


(1). Laser tattoo removal using different wavelengths of laser light will be able to selectively perform the procedure so that the skin is not damaged.

This method of tattoo removal, light into the dermis, the pigment particles into powder, so that they jump between the high increase, and then absorbed by macrophages and removed, if the tattoo pattern of darker colors, can be repeated several times, constantly changing the wavelength of light. Laser tattoo removal in the treated area will leave either dark or light spots on skin experts frankly, but this is better than leaving a scar tumor. Such tumors are the marks left by surgical procedures or CO2 laser tattoo removal. Traditional laser tattoo removal can cause deep damage to the skin.

(2). Laser tattoo removal can remove a relatively large area and heavy color pattern.

In any case, the final result of this tattoo removal depends on the size of the pattern, location and pigments used, if the pattern is small, surgical removal of the tattoo, if the stitching is good, almost invisible, tattooed on the neck and arms (especially in the deltoid, shoulder blade, clavicle and upper humerus) and other areas of poor skin elasticity on the pattern will leave scars, tattoo removal using the most advanced technology, you can remove the area is relatively large, heavy color patterns, which is the light coagulation method to tattoo.

(3). The most significant advantage of laser tattoo removal without the use of knife cutting or abrasion, most cases of tattoo removal will not leave visible scars. Of course, the tattoo removal method is not a magic eraser.

(4). Tattoo removal does not require local anesthesia, which is another benefit of laser scar removal and other scar removal procedures.


(1). Longer: Generally speaking, a shallow tattoo treatment will be able to receive significant treatment or even completely fade, but for the deeper color of the tattoo site, treatment is difficult to completely eliminate, and usually requires multiple treatments.

(2). Higher cost: imported laser equipment prices are high, and therefore the price of tattoos is also higher.

(3). Removal of colored tattoos than monochrome tattoos are difficult. Tattoos used when the dye also affects the difficulty of tattoo removal. Monochrome tattoos are relatively easy to go to the net, while colored tattoos, such as blue, green, etc. is difficult to go to some.

System advantages

1. The use of professional YAG crystal rod, effective absorption of xenon lamp energy, greatly improving the energy conversion rate, so that the pulse energy is more powerful, the treatment effect is more obvious;.

2. microcomputer self-control module design, operating parameters at a glance, easy to learn. Automatic counting function to facilitate scientific management.

3. The use of double-cycle refrigeration and intelligent control system, all-round monitoring of water temperature, water level, and water circulation, so that the machine life is greatly extended.

4. integrated gun core design, shock-resistant, anti-drop, more stable performance.

5. stable working condition, support continuous 50,000 times (3Hz working condition) work without stopping.