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Introduction of common weight loss equipment

Pulished on Jan. 10, 2022

When we do weight loss exercise, we often need to prepare some weight loss equipment supplied by the professional beauty machine manufacturers, so that the weight loss exercise can be carried out smoothly. Different weight loss exercises require different weight loss equipment. So, what are the weight loss equipment?

Cryolipolysis equipment

The results of the study showed that using shockwave therapy directly from cryolipolysis equipment, followed by weekly shockwave therapy for four weeks, it doubles fat loss. The percentage of fat loss with/without vibratory wave therapy was significant over 8 weeks. In addition to the improvement in fat loss, cryolipolysis fat freezing machine also improves skin firmness.

The cryolipolysis fat freezing machine is especially suitable for locally obese patients. The ideal candidate is not a generalized obesity, but a person willing to reduce localized concentrated fat such as abdomen, flank, waist, arms and buttocks, depending on the thickness of the fat and the desired effect, usually 1 to 3 courses are required (waiting at least 30 days between courses). The effect of one-time freezing fat-freezing is limited. According to the thickness of the customer's body fat, it is recommended that the customer do 2-3 times in a course of cryolipolysis slimming machine treatment, which can eliminate more than 25-45% of the fat. Although the efficiency is slightly worse than that of liposuction, the experience is indeed a world of difference.

The experience of freezing fat equipment is almost the same as that of life care. That is, in about 2 hours in the hospital, you can really get rid of those stubborn fat, and after discharge from the hospital, it will not have any impact on your life, work and social life. In terms of experience alone, it is similar to a massage treatment in a beauty salon. Therefore, cryolipolysis equipment can be regarded as a good news for those who neither want to exercise hard nor make up their mind to do liposuction.

Introduction of common weight loss equipment

Ultrasonic fat blasting equipment

Ultrasonic fat blasting equipment can stimulate deep fat cells, causing human fat cells to produce a strong impact and friction between fat cells, effectively consume calories, consume water in cells, and shrink fat cells, thereby achieving weight loss. Body effect. The unique energy wave reaches the deep subcutaneous 6-12 cm deep fat cells at a frequency of 4 million times per second. The excess fat and toxins are excreted from sweat glands, lymph and feces, and the body's metabolism is accelerated. From the perspective of health, we can truly achieve the purpose of healthy weight loss and scientific weight loss through ultrasonic slimming machine.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Equipment

Ultrasound cavitates fat, effectively removes excess fat cells in the body, 1 MHz ultrasonic large handle does body fat explosion, skin rejuvenation, treats the skin and rejuvenates the skin. the latest treatment options.

1 MHz small ultrasonic treatment for fat removal Facial cavitation treatment to resolve obesity, skin rejuvenation on the face, photorejuvenation handle can be used for skin treatment

1. Safe cavitation machine to lose weight

2. Cavitation rf slimming machine comes with no side effects, no recurrence

3. The latest product advantages in all weight loss equipment

4. Cavitation machine treatment to resolve obesity

Introduction of common weight loss equipment

Speaking of cavitation slimming equipment, many people may not know much about cavitation slimming equipment. This is a new way to lose weight. This slimming method mainly uses monopolar cavitation to make cavitation waves act on the fat parts, so that the local blood circulation can accelerate the weight loss. What is the effect of cavitation slimming equipment?

What is the effect of cavitation slimming equipment? The following is an introduction to the effect of cavitation slimming equipment:

The risk of uneven skin after cavitation slimming equipment or the pain and inconvenience of wearing corsets for a long time after surgery, there are no other medicines, diets, exercise and other long courses of treatment or side effects, but a safe and efficient fat dissolving body sculpting treatment program.

The cavitation machine’s frequency of 40.68MHz adopted by the cavitation slimming equipment can make the water molecules in the cells have a strong resonance rotation, accelerate the mobilization of body fat, quickly decompose excess fat, and quickly solve the problem of fat, generals belly , congenital and acquired obesity, such as acupuncture and moxibustion to lose weight, there are no side effects such as the pain of acupuncture to lose weight, the hunger of diet and weight loss, the hard work of exercise and weight loss, and the risk of weight loss caused by cavitation weight loss equipment. Therefore, cavitation weight loss equipment has become the most popular One of the popular slimming techniques, many losers finally achieve the goal of slimming through cavitation slimming equipment.

The electric current of the cavitation change in the cavitation slimming equipment continuously stimulates the charged electrons carried in the molecules of human cells, and the cycle goes back and forth, and the movement produces collision, rotation and distortion, so it dissipates heat energy, achieves the ergonomics of burning fat energy and reducing fat volume.