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How to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way?

Pulished on Jan. 14, 2021

According to statistics, worldwide, at least 2.8 million adults died due to obesity-related diseases, 7% to 41% of specific cancers are caused by obesity, while obese people will also experience breathing difficulties, high blood pressure, increased risk of fracture, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease. This time you want to lose weight, but always have the heart to do so?

The way to become thin while lying still? Finally found a fat loss magic tool - Fat Freeze Weight Loss Coolplas Machine.

Fat Freeze Weight Loss Coolplas Machine

Coolplas Fat Frozen Device is a skin cooling and heating system, which is mainly applied in fat discomposing of upper arm, back, abdomen, muffin tops and love handles.

This equipment aims at shaping abdomen and its side.

*Cooling function can also be used in pain reducing thermal injury relieving caused by laser or dermatology therapy, or applied in mal parts anesthesia.

*Frozen defatting device is used to provide local thermal therapy to decrease postoperative or post-traumatic pain.

*The optional massage function is also available in temporarily relieving myalgia, body acne and spasm so as to improve local microcirculation and reduce cellulite.

Coolplas technology utilizes the sensitivity of fat cells to cold injury in order to selectively eliminate subcutaneous fat tissue without affecting the skin or other surrounding tissues. Cryolipolysis enables a non-invasive alternative for subcutaneous fat reduction through cellular apoptosis. With embedded centralized control system and 10.4 inch colorful touch screen, this device makes operation more humanized and intuitive. It is equipped with three different sizes of handpieces for different positions, which makes treatment more effective.

Advantages of Freeze Weight Loss Coolplas Machine

1. CoolPlas is a world-class standard machine with 3 applicable handles for all body areas of thighs, waist, arm, love handles and neck;

2. 10 inch touch screen with multi-languages and important warning information;

3. Strong metal quality holder for safe support of each handle piece;

4. Patented name and designs by American designers.

Product details

1. Plas APP 6.0(250mm x 50mm treatment size): Use on small and medium fat bulges.

2. Plas APP 3.0 Fit(140mm x 50mm treatment size): 

Fit tightly curved contours;

Safe and effective treatment Cool vacuum applicator.

3. lntuitive touch screen: effective & safe procedure recommended treatment settings.


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