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How to Know the Condition of Your Skin the Fastest?

Pulished on Jan. 27, 2021

The most advanced analysis system for skin testing, which is called "skin CT machine", can accurately quantify and qualitatively analyze the number of pigmentation, density of pigmentation, number of pores, number of wrinkles, etc., as well as the different degrees of damage to the skin caused by bad cosmetics, UV rays or sunlight, etc. to make accurate diagnosis and analysis. diagnosis and analysis.

Skin Analyzer

Advanced technology- fastest facial skin analyzer

Inspired by:The designer originally designed the Capricorn imager from the sci-fi movie aircraft. In addition, the designer himself has always yearned for a sense of science and technology, mystery, and exploring the unknown, so he opened Capricorn. The road to exploration of smart imagers.

Principles of Capri AI Intelligent Imager

Obtain facial skin image conditions through 28 million high-definition pixels, adopt 8-spectrum imaging technology, Al face recognition technology, deep

learmning technology, 3d simulation technology, cloud computing and cloud storage, and perform surface and deep quantitative analysis of the

pathological characteristics of the skin. It can detect 14 skin health indicators. Comprehensive analysis and assessment of skin problems, so that scientific and accurate management of the skin can be carried out with reasonable evidence!

Skin Analyzer

Hardware introduction of Capri AI Intelligent Imager

2800w HD pixels: clearer images, more accurate identification, and more accurate analysis.

8 spectrum imaging technology: rgb white light, positive polarization, negative polarization uv365, blue light 405, Wood's light, red light,14 skin indicators for brown skin analysis.

Wireless WiFi transmission upgrade version: Regularly upgrade the version, the network connection is automatically switched to the local

solve the data uploa Disruption inconvenience issues, cloud computing, cloud storage items.

40 filters: 40 filters are distributed beside the camera to ensure that the skin is not affected by any light.

Introduction to the software technology

3D simulation technology: 3D simulation accurately recognizes facial features and quantitatively analyzes four major problem skins

Deep learning technology: Combine with large database annotations to accurately identify and analyze problems existing in various skins.

Ai face recognition technology: using artificial intelligence face recognition algorithm to accurately identify 0 area t area u area,Data is more accurate and faster.

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