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How to keep expensive laser treatment machine bills to the minimum

Pulished on Jan. 04, 2022

Repairing a laser treatment machine is not cheap. If you are a startup with a limited budget, the last thing you want to do is to waste money. While planning a budget, the biggest mistake most businesses make is to ignore to set aside a budget for potential repair or maintenance bills that will be coming along the way.

There are a lot of reasons to avoid laser treatment equipment repair bills. These repairs are expensive, time-consuming, and should not be done without a good reason.

However, you must keep up with the maintenance of your cosmetic laser machines in addition to caring for your investments. You can avoid costly future problems by partnering with a reputable beauty machine manufacturer like Sincoheren. We don’t leave our customers alone if they face any problems with their laser treatment equipment. We will stick with you and guide you on how to get your device back up and running.

If you want to save your hundreds of dollars, you must give this article a read. Here, we have given our valuable insights to get rid of expensive laser bills that we gained through our years of experience as a beauty machine manufacturer. If you follow this advice religiously, you can extend the life of your laser treatment equipment extensively. Also, you can invest the money you save on things that matter, like marketing or buying other beauty equipment.

How to keep expensive laser treatment machine bills to the minimum

Why is the maintenance of the laser treatment machine necessary?

While performing cosmetic laser treatments at a clinic, the machines should be in good condition to satisfy your clients completely. These machines require periodic checks and maintenance to make sure that you are getting the best possible output. It is important to carry out maintenance and repair work on cosmetic laser machines when they are due.

Clinics whose laser treatment equipment receive timely and proper maintenance and repairs can expect to enjoy several benefits, including but not limited to:

Proper and timely maintenance can help you avoid expensive equipment repairs and costly downtime, reduce patient and practitioner safety risks, extend the life of equipment, increase your practice's productivity, and avoid legal entanglements. 

Proper maintenance can prolong the life of your cosmetic laser machine, but it will not prevent problems entirely. Yet, the rewards of the maintenance of a cosmetic laser machine are too significant to ignore. To reap the most benefits from your cosmetic laser machine, you should employ a preventive maintenance program.

A good preventative maintenance program for cosmetic laser machines will include monthly or quarterly check-ups to ensure that all of your machines operate at peak efficiency. More importantly, it will ensure that the device’s reliability is not compromised. To keep your machine running for long and decrease the chances of breakdowns, you need to carry out proper maintenance. Here's a rundown of what to include in a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for cosmetic laser machines:


The laser machine is one of the greatest inventions in the history of medicine. The development of these machines led to significant improvements in the medical field, such as image analysis, diagnosis, and treatment.

Aesthetic laser machine handpieces should be checked daily and cleaned with Alcohol to lower the risks. Handpieces should be replaced as soon as possible if found defective to prevent catastrophic failures such as blown fibers.

Also, to help prevent dangers like an electrical and optical failure, it is important to regularly dust the fans, vacuum the vent holes, and clean the filters. Any buildup of dust in ventilation can result in insufficient cooling, damaging the cosmetic and other electronic components. Regularly dusting the fan filters and cleaning the vents will reduce failures due to overheating and optimize the cooling performance of the laser skin resurfacing machine. Any accumulation of dust and debris can cause components to fail and other electrical problems.

It is also important to check the cooling system levels daily before starting the laser skin resurfacing machine treatment. This is part of a routine preventative maintenance regimen. The cooling system helps ensure that the laser stays within its designated temperature range and ensures adequate energy dissipation control during treatments. The cooling system also keeps the laser cavity and handpieces/power supply cool, which may prevent laser damage or help in reducing the risk of injury to staff and clients.

A coolant or deionized water is used to ensure the proper operation of the machine. Overheating may result in damage to the machine and an increase in repair and maintenance costs. So daily cooling system checks are an important part of a preventative maintenance regimen.

How to keep expensive laser treatment machine bills to the minimum


When you add coolant, never fill the system beyond the specified level. If you overfill your laser treatment equipment, water could leak from the reservoir and damage vital components of the laser system. To avoid overfilling the system, always maintain the proper coolant level.

You will also need to regulate voltage before powering up your laser system. So, make sure that the voltage displayed on your cosmetic laser equipment corresponds with the voltage coming out of the wall socket. This can help ensure no accidental burn hazard while operating the laser.

To ensure that your cosmetic laser system is safe, check the voltage of your system before powering it on. Any variations in voltage should be reported to technical staff immediately.

Temperatures in treatment rooms also need to be controlled to avoid overheating. The best ways of doing this are by regulating temperatures in the treatment room and maintaining proper ventilation in the areas around it. For maximum effectiveness, you must ensure that you have air conditioning installed at all times. 

By following these routines of inspection and regulation, you can overcome the risks of high repair bills. Even if something malfunctions in your laser system, you will comprehend it when it hasn’t become something serious and you can make repairs to keep the damage to a minimum. This is why all beauty machine manufacturers strongly recommend doing regular maintenance sessions of your laser treatment machine!