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How to fasten your recovery after tattoo laser machine treatment

Pulished on Jan. 04, 2022

The tattoo laser machine has taken the whole world by storm. After its invention, tattoos aren’t considered permanent anymore. Many people were stuck with tattoos that they began to dislike over time but there wasn’t any method to remove them. This is one of the main reasons why tattoo removal equipment got popularized so quickly. People were already looking for a machine like this but couldn’t find something convenient or safe.

It might be the most talked-about topic in the cosmetic world at present. However, there is still a lot of confusion and uncertainty about removing tattoos from your body. The removal process is painful. There is also the matter of dealing with your new tattoo after its removal. Recovery post-laser tattoo removal is very simple, but it requires a few technical steps to soothe the experience.

Laser tattoo removal treatments are one of the most popular procedures in the world today. The commercial tattoo removal machine removes unwanted ink from a patient’s body, leaving only healthy skin. However, with all this technology comes many risks as well. There are very low chances but there have been a few cases where the patient developed an infection. However, there is no need for you to be afraid because we have got your back.

Tattoo removal equipment manufacturers always recommend following a few steps religiously after the treatment. These safety measures will ensure that your tattoo removal treatment was a success and that there aren’t any side effects. Following are a few of the tips and safety precautions to undertake after the laser treatment.

How to fasten your recovery after tattoo laser machine treatment

What to expect after tattoo removal treatment:

The laser tattoo removal machine works by bombarding the skin with lasers. These lasers travel deep into the skin and shatter the pigments of the tattoos. These strong pulses of lasers are responsible for tattoo removal and pack quite a punch. There isn’t downtime for this treatment, but you still have to follow a few recovery tips for a certain amount of time.

After nonsurgical treatment, the area being treated will turn frosty white as a result of the release of carbon dioxide from the frozen tissue. In some cases, the area will start to peel and blister after 8-72 hours, peeling and blistering can last for up to four weeks. After that time, the skin will begin to heal, and scars will soften. So, there is no need to get frightened if something like this develops on your skin. Complete healing takes 4-6 weeks.

Precautions you need to take after tattoo laser machine treatment:

Before you even think of laser tattoo removal treatments, you should be apprised of all the dos and don'ts. Here are some of the most important things to remember. We will start off with something simple. Never decide to go for laser tattoo removal treatments without consulting a physician. Invest in proper consultations with a physician.

Avoid direct exposure to the sun during tattoo removal equipment treatments as it is dangerous and can make the treatments riskier. The temperature of your surroundings should be kept at a limit to ensure the best possible outcome.

Smoking is also a big no-no while recovering from commercial tattoo removal machine treatment. Even if you are not in the recovery period, smoking should be avoided. It can lead to serious health conditions and complications like cancer, heart disease and diminish your lifespan on every level. It's important that you quit smoking, or else you're putting your health and that of other people in jeopardy.

However, if you smoke regularly, your tattoo removal treatments may not be effective. So if you are a chain smoker, we will recommend you to avoid smoking as much as possible for at least 24 hours.

To avoid other serious problems, it's important to stop or lessen exercise during treatments and to avoid any activities that cause or increase swelling. You can resume regular activities after only a day if the area being treated by a laser tattoo removal machine is small. However, those with large tattoos should wait two or three days before going back to regular exercise. 

Please do not expose your skin to the sun or hot tubs or soak it in water during and a few days after laser tattoo removal treatments. This goes a long way in minimizing the chances of getting an infection. If you are a swimmer, avoid that too! Increased heart rate and tattoo removal equipment doesn’t always go hand in hand.

If the ink particles from your tattoo removal treatments aren't being eliminated properly and get lodged in your liver and kidneys, it can lead to major health problems. If you drink large amounts of alcohol, your body will not get rid of ink particles well. It is advisable to avoid drinking large quantities of alcohol while undergoing laser tattoo removal treatments.

Also, it's essential to avoid any sort of tanning and another ultraviolet activity for at least 4-6 weeks after completing treatments. You should also refrain from shaving the treated area until full recovery has taken place. Keep in mind that blisters should not be picked or peeled, and if you want the blemishes to heal, you'll need to apply sunscreen for 5-10 days.

The treated area may be tender and might be itchy or bruised. Immediately after the treatment, apply a moisturizer to prevent flaking and make the skin supple. Applying sunscreen for 5 to 10 days can reduce itching and accelerate pen ink absorption.

In most cases, a laser tattoo removal machine procedure is completely safe. However, you can never be too sure. So if you want to be on the safe side and make sure that you are getting the best possible outcome, you will have to follow the above steps wholeheartedly. We have been tattoo removal equipment manufacturers for years and haven’t seen anyone developing an infection after taking the above precautions. So if you are still having any second thoughts about this procedure, you can always leave us a message and we will help you out!