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How to choose a laser hair removal device

Pulished on May. 10, 2022

There are countless laser hair removal equipment on the market, thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands or millions, so that a number of beauty institutions operators have picked their eyes, in general many people will go for the well-known brands, but in fact, in addition to the brand effect, as long as a good grasp of several selection factors can also be easily purchased to cost-effective equipment. Just like mobile phones can look at the runtime, memory and other parameters to judge the merits of the same, laser hair removal equipment can also be simply judged by various parameters.

How to choose a laser hair removal device

1. Laser hair removal equipment instrument wavelength

The clinical application of laser hair removal equipment wavelength is mostly located between 694~1200m, which can be well absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, and at the same time can ensure its penetration to the depth of the hair follicle. The most clinically used lasers are the semiconductor laser (wavelength 800-810nm), the long pulse Nd:YAG laser (wavelength 1064nm) and various intense pulsed light (wavelength between 570~1200mm). In terms of comparative efficacy, the efficacy of the semiconductor laser and the various intense pulsed lights are basically similar, and the long pulsed Nd:YAG laser may be slightly less effective than the semiconductor laser and intense pulsed light for the same number of treatments. The ideal pulse width for laser hair removal is 10~100ms or even longer, the long pulse width can make the hair follicle and the bulge containing the hair follicle stem cells slowly heated and destroyed, at the same time can avoid the epidermis due to the absorption of light energy after the sudden heating and raw damage, for the dark skin colour people pulse width can even be increased to hundreds of milliseconds safer.

2. Laser hair removal equipment energy density

Energy density is an important indicator of the effectiveness of hair removal. The higher the energy density, the more effective the hair removal, the longer the effect, but high energy is more destructive to the hair follicle, but also more likely to cause adverse skin reactions, but also more pain. The energy density of professional hair removal devices is 10-60J/cm². Insufficient energy density only causes slight damage to the hair follicle and the hair goes from regression to resting phase, resulting in temporary growth delay but not long term hair removal. Clinical results show that increasing the energy density (60-80J/cm²) and increasing the pulse width (50ms) can effectively improve the clinical efficacy of hair removal.

3. Cooling devices for laser hair removal equipment

Laser hair removal devices with cooling devices can protect the epidermis of the skin more effectively, allowing the hair removal device to safely use a higher energy density for treatment, and the patient will feel more comfortable and better adapted to the treatment process.

4. Laser hair removal equipment light area

The larger the area of the laser hair removal device, the larger the light output area will be, making it easier and faster to use, and greatly reducing treatment time and improving efficiency.

5. Laser

The key component of the hair removal equipment is the laser, high power, large spot, stable performance is the fundamental guarantee of efficacy, poor quality laser energy output can not reach the conditions of burning hair follicles, this hair removal equipment is equivalent to scrap, after all, one of the signs of the profitability of hair removal project is the instrument laser to continue to work. The life of the laser is the key factor, after all, every hair removal process laser to output hundreds of thousands of light spot number, the current market common laser output spot number most stay within 100,000 hair, when you use up 100,000 hair, your hair removal equipment will not be able to output energy stop or output energy is very low, even the skin heat feeling can not produce, hair removal effect can be imagined.

Beauty equipment factories believe that price is also one of the primary conditions for most people to choose, but the pricing of hair removal equipment on the market fluctuates greatly, the difference between different brands and different technologies can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, beauty salon operators according to their investment budget.