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How much is 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

Pulished on Sep. 29, 2022

808nm diode laser hair removal machine is favored by the majority of beauty lovers because of its remarkable hair removal effect, simple and quick operation, low intraoperative pain, and basically no side effects. So, how much is a diode hair removal machine? What are the advantages? The diode hair removal machine manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction below.

Working principle of diode hair removal machine

The 808nm diode laser hair removal machine mainly uses selective photothermal action. The 808nm wavelength can reach the hair follicle tissue of the hair. Light energy is converted into heat energy. The temperature of the hair follicle rises sharply, destroying the hair follicle tissue and hair loss. The semiconductor laser hair removal device will not damage normal skin tissues, and the patient feels less pain, relatively speaking, the hair removal experience is better. The advantages of fast sliding technology, large spot technology, multi-pulse technology, ultra-long pulse width, and ultra-high power make 808nm diode laser hair removal machine has become the first choice for beauty salons.

How much is 808nm diode laser hair removal machine

Advantages of 808 diode laser hair removal machine

1. 808 diode laser hair removal machine can remove hair permanently

Using semiconductor laser technology, hair is removed when it freezes. The 808 nm wavelength light beam penetrates the dermis of the epidermis and enters, and is selectively absorbed by the melanin particles in the hair follicles and hair, thereby generating a photothermal effect. The heat energy in the hair can be conducted to the surrounding area, and the hair roots in the hair follicles can be completely destroyed, resulting in permanent hair loss.

2. 808 hair removal machine is painless

The double-pulse mode of 808 hair removal machine guarantees to a certain extent that no heat damage and overheating will occur when heating the hair follicles, and the whole process can be carried out under almost painless conditions. The speed of 808nm diode laser machine is 3-5 times that of traditional hair removal. At the same time, semiconductor laser hair removal shrinks the hair follicles, which will not damage the skin and will not cause scars. And because the sweat glands open directly to the skin and have nothing to do with hair follicles, semiconductor laser hair removal does not affect perspiration. In addition, semiconductor laser hair removal does not damage the hair follicle opening, but removes the hair without affecting normal sebum secretion and other functions.

3. 808nm diode laser machine has no side effects

After the diode machine 808 laser hair removal, the melanin is well absorbed, which can effectively remove the hair of any part and depth of the human body. After treatment, it has no pigmentation and is more suitable for oriental skin. Cooling the skin epidermis of the treated area to 5 degrees can not only effectively protect the normal skin from damage, but also does not affect the normal work and life of the treated patients.

4. Diode machine 808 laser is safe and effective

808nm diode laser hair removal machine is a classic semiconductor laser hair removal technology. The wavelength is 808 nanometers, which can penetrate deep dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue. After years of clinical verification, it is known as the gold standard of hair removal laser.

The scope of application of 808nm diode laser hair removal machine:

1. Remove excess hair on limbs, armpits, chest and back hair, bikini line and other body parts;

2. Cheek hair removal, lip hair removal, beard hair removal, neck hair removal, back hair removal, chest hair removal, armpit hair removal, arm hair removal, bikini line hair removal, leg hair removal.

How much is 808 diode laser hair removal machine

808 diode laser hair removal machine is a high-end product among many hair removal equipment. The technology source comes from South Korea. The technology content is high, the cost of the equipment is high, and the hair removal effect is more advantageous. Therefore, the overall price is also higher. At present, there are only some large-scale beauty products. The instrument diode hair removal machine manufacturer is producing and selling. Different diode hair removal machine manufacturers have different technical levels. 808 semiconductor hair removal equipment generally ranges from US$5,000 to US$10,000. 808 diode laser hair removal machine uses the melanin in the hair shaft to selectively absorb light energy and converts the light energy into heat. The heat is conducted through the hair shaft to the isthmus of the hair follicle and the protuberance of the hair follicle (hair papilla, hair growth point), thereby destroying the blood vessels at the dermal papilla cause it to shrink when heated, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal.