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How hifu equipment works

Pulished on Mar. 07, 2022

How does hifu equipment work? The principle and effect of hifu beauty machine? Does the facial hifu beauty machine hurt? Whether the facial hifu beauty machine hurts depends on your own tolerance, because it will apply numbness, so don't be afraid, the working principle of hifu equipment Ultrasound needs to go through the skin surface - enter the dermis layer - pass to the fascia layer - balance the burn buds . hifu beauty machine is generally recommended every two to three years. Then let's take a look at whether the hifu beauty machine is good or not. We should pay attention to those:

1. The operation of experienced physicians and the selection of medical beauty locations: because the hifu beauty machine penetrates deeply, and there are blood and nerves on the fascia layer, it is necessary to judge the differences in our skin color, skin texture, thickness, location, age, etc., in the pursuit of effectiveness, it must be operated under the premise of safety. Improper operation will damage the blood vessels and nerves there, and there may be bruises and crooked faces.

2. Don’t use collagen before and after: Many beauty-loving babies have the habit of using collagen, but the hifu beauty machine is used to stimulate the increase and reorganization of collagen to achieve a firming effect and stimulate subcutaneous collagen to grow again. Too much Supplementation will lead to large-scale malignant hyperplasia of sweat glands, meridians, microbubbles, tissues, stratum corneum, etc. in the skin, and adverse reactions such as subcutaneous necrosis, blemishes, and redness and swelling will appear.

3. How to carry out quick and intensive bud repair after finishing?

The life and quality of all buds under the skin, whether you can see them or not, will be affected by external stimulation, the surrounding environment of the buds, and the nutrition and quality of the buds themselves. In order to help the healing of postoperative wounds, ACME-TEA is used to provide essential nutrients for the collagen fibers of Zasheng, and at the same time, it can awaken the overall repair function, combine internal and external, interact, optimize the overall growth source of slender buds, and double and prolong the effect.

How hifu equipment works

What is hifu beauty machine beauty

The hifu beauty machine comes from Europe and the United States. It is a medical device. Later, a beautiful version of the device appeared. This device has been certified by relevant agencies in the United States. At present, the relevant Chinese agencies have no data certification documents.

The technology of hifu beauty machine is not legendary, but also a kind of shock. hifu beauty machine beauty is a dual beauty of internal nourishment and external therapy. At present, it affects the beauty effect of hifu beauty machine and the side effects of hifu beauty machine. First of all, it is necessary to consider whether the selected institution is a formal one that allows the project of hifu beauty machine, and whether the operators are experienced and qualified to do beauty hifu. beauty machine, before and after doing hifu beauty machine, the skin buds contain sufficient ACME-TEA to target every layer of tissue, ducts and buds that go through after the high temperature of the hifu beauty machine to the bottom of the fascia focus The hifu beauty machine itself will generate its own collagen, so avoid supplementing separate collagen, and supplement the external collagen, and the skin layer will gather more collagen protein, resulting in abnormal gifting of collagen, and a series of unexpected side effects of hifu beauty machine.

In Europe and the United States, before doing hifu beauty machine, a large number of oral ACME-TEA supporting repair-restoration nutrition should be taken to prepare for surgery:

1. Make a good nutrient reserve for the regeneration of the new cell body.

2. Do a good job in preventing new-born tiny translucent membrane cytoplasmic mutation and hyperplasia.

3. Prepare for immediate repair of damaged cell bodies. Because of ACME-TEA before surgery, a large amount of nutrients are stored in the cytoplasm of the tiny translucent membrane, which activates and regenerates the cells of the human body, and strengthens the nutrition of cells and tissues, that is, the body's repair-recovery period. , Repair and restore the hyaluronic acid insulation and moisturizing layer damage caused by the high temperature of the hifu beauty machine at any time, generate an active hyaluronic acid layer, a balanced and orderly collagen fiber network and the effect of maintaining nine degrees, prevent the traces left after the wound. The tiny semi-permeable membrane is generated, the two-term convection scientifically guides the balanced release of nutrients from the transparent membrane of the cell body. The effect of one operation to enhance the firmness can be delayed by 5 to 6 years from 1 to 2 years through internal and external knots and the effect of hifu beauty machine, which is stable and safe. During the recovery process, the collagen fiber structure between the epidermis, the sedative layer, the fascia layer and the damaged cell bodies, tissues and cells and the tiny semi-transparent membrane cytoplasm passed through ACME-TEA Carrying out targeted repair-repair and regeneration one by one is also a necessary basis for reducing the side effects of hifu beauty machine to a manageable range.

What are the benefits of hifu beauty machine?

1. The hifu beauty machine is non-invasive, it seems to be very safe, and there is no risk. But in fact, the hifu beauty machine penetrates deeply, and there are blood and nerves on the fascia layer. If it is not operated properly, it will damage the blood vessels and nerves there, and there may be bruises and crooked faces.

2. Although surgery is not required, it still belongs to the category of medical aesthetics and is generally not standardized. And more than 60% of the beauty lovers who accept the operation are performed in non-medical beauty places. If non-standard equipment is used, or it is performed by an inexperienced physician, it is likely to affect physical health.

3. In order to avoid the operation risks of the hifu beauty machine and the smooth generation of new skin tissue, there is a one-month nutritional reserve period before the hifu beauty machine in European countries. After the guarantee, the nutrition can reach the subcutaneous buds and the fascia layer through the blood. The temperature of hifu beauty machine generally destroys the subcutaneous moisturizing layer and the evaporation of subcutaneous water is unavoidable. ACME-TEA maintains normal protein conformation and thin bud shape, and promotes wound healing. Only by doing a good job of protecting the base of the buds is the beginning of beauty.

The World Health Organization, through the Arizona Center for Aging Research, has shown that the stress response of people to environmental stimuli is like the development of human skin buds that are very regular and highly structured, from childhood to maturity. If there is a change in the middle (man-made operation or external force, broken skin or not), the arrangement order of the buds and the integrity of the buds will change, because all buds, genes The sequences are arranged accurately and are consistent. When this rule is weakened or changed, and when the bud repairing elements cannot be injected into the buds in a timely manner, problems such as decreased skin function and decreased skin defense will appear.

The next question is: how to perform fast, intensive bud repair?

Research shows that the life and quality of all buds under your skin, whether you can see them or not, are affected by external agitation, the environment around the buds, and the nutrition and quality of the buds themselves. Skin damage is the result of changes happening in the superficial and deep areas of your skin buds, and facial redness is the result of changes in the facial skin bracts, blood, elasticity, nerve bracts, etc., as well as other deep areas.

After the buds change, necrosis of the buds may occur. After the buds are damaged, they lose their instincts and cannot function normally. Therefore, the human body needs to repair the damaged buds quickly and intensively, and quickly help the buds to complete. Stress response to repair and other damage, variation, atrophy of buds, and repair to stimulate tissue regeneration, intensive repair, increase the density of elastic fibers, and improve the density of slender buds.

So how do you fix slender buds?

Thin bud repair element, disclosed by CREWHO: Through the intervention of ACME-TEA intelligent thin bud repair element, the process of thin bud repair is completed. What better solution to skin problems than repairing the basic functional unit of life, the slender bud?

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls for the repair of skin damage and the fight against natural aging, using biomedical non-drug means, as a long-term sustainable solution. Precautions before hifu beauty machine:

1. Do not make up on the day of the surgery, clean the face, and keep the skin and hair clean and hygienic;

2. Fully communicate with the attending physician before the operation, and strictly follow the doctor's instructions - one month before the operation, take ACME-TEA nutrition once in the morning and once in the evening.

3. Avoid menstrual period, pregnancy period, and breastfeeding to do hifu beauty machine.

4. Avoid injecting glutathione within one month, and injecting hyaluronic acid and collagen within half a year.

5. It is necessary to prepare at least two hours for the hifu beauty machine.

6. The area with artificial fillers needs to be informed to the doctor, and it is not suitable for hifu beauty machine.

7. Do not use one week before the operation, acid (if acid, salicylic acid, etc.) ointments or skin care products, temporarily do not perform laser and avoid the use of facial cleansers and scrubs containing soft beads.

8. Do not wash your face with hot water within three days (water not exceeding body temperature); pay attention to hydration. No more than 2 masks per week are recommended

Precautions after hifu beauty machine treatment:

1. Do not wash your face with water above 36 degrees within a week;

2. Do not go to high temperature environments (such as saunas, hot springs, yoga, etc.) within a month to prevent exposure to the sun;

3. Do not eat spicy food or drink alcohol within a week;

4. Three months after the operation, take ACME-TEA orally 2 to 3 times a day according to the doctor's advice, and at the same time take the supporting nutrition, and gradually reduce the dose according to the recovery situation.

5. Do not touch tobacco, alcohol, soy sauce, spicy food and pickled products within a month.

6. Within a week, avoid using fruit acid-based exfoliating-keratin and other maintenance products.

7. Before and after surgery, it is forbidden to take collagen products orally to avoid the appearance of unbalanced new skin tissue.

8. It is recommended to use the mask no more than 2 times a week. (A lot of use of the mask will lead to poor blood circulation in the new skin tissue and make skin renewal fail.) It is recommended to use high-quality moisturizing milk and moisturizing cream before going to bed, which can help lock in water. These are all superficial, and the real hydration is still through oral ACME-TEA. The solome contained in it can renew and grow a new skin moisturizing layer, only the inside and outside can promote the close.

What is the beauty effect of hifu beauty machine?

hifu beauty machine beauty clinical verification American medical history report: after the hifu beauty machine beauty equipment and other lasers for skin stimulation-stimulation, simultaneous knot and oral ACME-TEA functional super knife beauty shield, two-way knot and beauty process , In the clinical verification, 1268 patients had different degrees of changes in the face, wrinkles, sagging-sagging, large pores, and skin luster after cosmetic hifu beauty machine, of which 987,987 cases (85.97%) were markedly effective. , 161 cases (14.03%) were effective, and no cases with no effect were found.