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Hifu machine performance

Pulished on Mar. 22, 2022

If we don't have any knowledge about it when we choose a plastic surgery method, it must be unfeasible, because at present, in many cases, only we can pay attention to some related information in advance, so that we can make We are better prepared to face this treatment. For example, if we want to use hifu machine for plastic surgery, many times we need to know how to pay attention to some principles and effects related to it in advance, because only in this way can we better accept this problem. method, in this regard, let's take a look at it in detail. I hope that after reading it, you can find it helpful to some extent. And I also hope that you can have a certain reference in the actual selection process in the future.

The hifu machine face lift will not burn the skin. The temperature of the traditional face lift technology is not high, but the skin needs to be cooled and protected to avoid burns to the skin. The temperature of hifu machine peeling is as high as 68-72 degrees Celsius, which is the most suitable temperature for collagen production, but it does not require epidermal protection, nor does it require anesthesia during the treatment, and there is no pain. Worry about scalding the skin. Using the most advanced ultrasonic energy, it penetrates deep into the dermis and SMAS fascia layer, generating nearly 10,000 condensation points, which immediately shrink collagen and fibrous mediastinum and stimulate a large amount of collagen regeneration.

Hifu machine performance

The principle and function of the hifu machine are as follows: The principle is to repair the skin through polymer energy waves, so that the heat emits an effective thermal damage physical effect in the dermal fiber layer, so that the skin can start repairing cells again and promote cell growth again. effect.

hifu machine beauty is to use focused ultrasonic technology to non-invasively treat the SMAS fascia layer that will be treated during surgery. Blood circulation, nourishes the skin lacking nutrients and moisture, improves the problem of sagging skin, smoothes the sunken wrinkles on the face.

Moreover, it also has the effect of stimulating the growth of collagen, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting the face and improving the rejuvenation of the skin. The main function of hifu machine is to solve facial wrinkles, such as forehead wrinkles, fine lines at the corners of the eyes, nasolabial folds, and neck wrinkles, and prevent the aging of the neck skin.

It plays an important role in the remodeling of the facial contour, which can lift the skin to make the face more three-dimensional and remove excess fat.

The wrinkle-removing principle of hifu machine is to use high-intensity ultrasonic waves to carry out deep transmission of energy, so that it reaches the dermis layer of the skin, and then generates a large number of condensation points, which stimulates collagen and fiber contraction, collagen production, and improves skin problems.

Beauty is not something that everyone can have, everyone will have wrinkles, a perfect appearance can bring a lot of benefits, and it can attract the eyes of the opposite sex. Many people choose hifu in order to solve the problem of wrinkles. Machine wrinkle removal, the principle of hifu machine is to use ultrasonic technology to non-invasively treat the wrinkles on people's faces that will be treated during surgery.