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Here is what you need to know before opting for SHR laser machine treatment

Pulished on Jan. 12, 2022

SHR laser machine is becoming increasingly popular these days. For those who dread the task of shaving their body hair every two weeks, SHR machine that removes hair more quickly and efficiently can save time and energy.

The SHR or Super Hair Removal machine uses gentle pulses of energy at a high frequency to permanently remove unwanted hair. Many beauty machine manufacturers regard it as one of the most trusted hair removal procedures today. SHR laser machine procedure is a perfect option for those who want faster, better results.

SHR hair removal machine sounds like something out of a sci-fi series, but it could be the secret to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. Some people are still unfamiliar with this amazing invention and unknowingly opt for surgical or other risky procedures. Read on for some answers to common questions asked to a beauty machine manufacturer about SHR laser machines! The technology behind SHR is still new, but it’s growing in popularity. If you want to learn more, keep reading!

Here is what you need to know before opting for SHR laser machine treatment

Is the treatment painful?

Although the old adage “no pain, no gain” can be applied to many aspects of life, this is not always the case when it comes to SHR machines. SHR hair removal machine can get rid of unwanted facial and body hair without painful procedures. The efficacy of laser hair removal is well-documented, but it is still a popular misconception that the process is painful. SHR machine requires hundreds of short pulses of energy delivered to the skin with a laser beam on specific frequencies. The SHR laser machine of Sincoheren can even give an output of 10 shots in just a single second!

The energy damages cells called melanocytes that produce pigment within your hair follicles. Therefore, even though you won’t feel any pain during an SHR machine session, you won’t grow any more unwanted hairs in the area you treated.

The super hair removal machine treatment is a relatively non-invasive procedure, which requires no injections and results in little to no discomfort during your treatment session. Most of the people who have experienced this treatment compare the sensation to that of a hot stone massage. During your treatment session, you will feel only a mild sensation of warmth where ingrown hairs are present in the form of a bundle inside the skin. There won’t be even a little irritation during the treatment! In general, the SHR hair removal treatment does not cause much pain or discomfort.

Many patients are hesitant to undergo laser machine procedures because they believe that these treatments are generally painful. However, the SHR hair removal treatment is proof that you can achieve soft and hair-free skin without having to go through pain.

Is the treatment suitable for everyone?

Versatility is the biggest benefit of the SHR hair removal machine because it is safe for people of any age, skin type, or skin color. It's safe for everyone whether they are young, old, or have sensitive skin or dark skin. Super Hair Removal machine offers a safe alternative to shaving, waxing, and other hair removal methods.  This revolutionary technology was developed after years of medical research and has been extensively proven to be painless and effective in removing unwanted hair each time you use it. This technology is suitable for all combinations of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, occupation, sexual orientation, religion, age, or income. It also works very well on all areas of the body!

Unlike IPL treatments, which destroy hair follicles through high-intensity pulsed light, SHR only heats and cools the hair shaft. SHR works well for both fair and dark-skinned people as compared to the IPL machine that works on just fair skins with dark hair. It's also a safe option for those with sensitive skin. The SHR hair removal machine technique involves applying mildly hot temperatures to a region of unwanted hair. This causes hair follicles to weaken and then fall out.

You can use the super hair removal machine on all hair types, including blonde, gray, and finer hairs. It is safe for you to use even if you have sensitive skin. What else can you ask for?

What about the side effects?

Most people who undergo super hair removal machine treatment do not experience adverse reactions. A normal reaction during and immediately after the SHR hair removal machine procedure is for your skin to turn red, but this side effect usually disappears within a few days at most.

This is the case if your health conditions are normal. Sincoheren and all other beauty machine manufacturers advise waiting at least two to three months after delivery before starting treatment. At this time, the hair is usually thicker and the success rate is higher. Treatments are not carried out during pregnancy. There is no known evidence that the baby will be disturbed by the bright light but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Here is what you need to know before opting for SHR laser machine treatment

Does the treatment permanently remove hair?

The hair removal treatment is not quite permanent but still has long-term effects. Professionally performed treatments generally result in long-term hairlessness. Some people report no regrowth for as many as ten years or more.

The results of an SHR treatment vary and depend on many factors. These include the size of the area to be treated, the condition of the skin, and the changing hormonal levels in the client's body. With proper care, it is possible to get near-permanent results after receiving an SHR treatment.

Can I shave before the appointment:

When the SHR hair removal machine targets hairs, there must be some hair present. However, if the hair is too short, then the SHR machine will not be capable of causing permanent damage. If there is too much hair, though, too much energy will be depleted, making it difficult for the laser to have enough power to harm the follicle.

Wax and depilatory creams pull hair out of the follicle, so they must be avoided!