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What is the gold microneedling?

Pulished on Oct. 21, 2022

What is the gold microneedling?

Gold microneedling is an emerging plastic surgery project in recent years

It's famous for being a stretch mark buster

Many mothers who are troubled by stretch marks

Although eager to try, but also full of doubts about this new project

Then let me tell you about gold microneedling

What is the gold microneedling?

Gold microneedle radio frequency is a radio frequency microneedle probe made of gold. Its biggest feature is that after the gold treatment head penetrates into the dermis, it emits radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen reorganization and regeneration. The advantage is that no energy is lost, and the safety is higher. All the energy directly acts on the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, and the effect is more significant. The microneedle probe is made of gold, suitable for all kinds of skin, preventing infection and safer. Indications: loose wrinkles (head-up, Sichuan, crow's feet, periorbital, nasolabial, perioral, neck); acne pitting scars; stretch marks (improved within 3 years), swelling Stitches, generally once every 3-6 months, with the superposition of the treatment effect, the interval can be gradually extended depending on the situation. Gold microneedling treatment of facial rejuvenation and acne scars is different from surgery. It does not require surgery.

Four stunts of gold microneedling radio frequency

1. High accuracy of positioning radio frequency: The gold microneedle can be freely adjusted in the treatment depth of 0.2~3.5mm, which is suitable for the skin thickness of each treatment part, and the treatment accuracy is high.

2. Insulation lattice, high safety: the needle body is insulated, and the radio frequency energy is concentrated at the needle tip to release. There is less damage to the skin and the treatment process is safer.

3. Energy conservation and curative effect guarantee: The golden micro-needle radio frequency therapy device will automatically check the skin impedance of the treatment site and intelligently output effective energy. The treatment effect is guaranteed.

4. Transdermal administration, the effect is doubled: After the treatment, the micropores left on the skin can be smeared with professional repairing factors, which can directly penetrate into the treatment area to double the repairing effect.

Gold microneedling

Postoperative care of gold microneedles

1. Do not apply sunscreen on the day of treatment, and avoid using harsh cleansers or cosmetics when cleaning your face;

2. Do not touch your face with your hands after treatment, try not to wash your face on the day, if necessary, just tap with water;

3. From the next day of treatment, you should apply sunscreen products to go out, and it is recommended to use SPF10-30 physical sunscreen;

4. If the skin is red after treatment, it is recommended to continue cold compress to calm the skin after going home;

5. In order to promote skin regeneration, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing mask more than once a day for 10-15 minutes within a week after treatment, and fully apply a moisturizing cream;

6. Skin care products containing fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, exfoliating, high concentration, vitamin C, alcohol and other irritating ingredients cannot be used within one week after treatment;

7. Avoid saunas, swimming in public swimming pools, high-temperature baths or high-temperature washes, etc., and do not exercise vigorously for one week after treatment;

8. Light diet, regular work and rest, ensure adequate sleep, and prohibit smoking and drinking;

9. Do not rub the skin, rubbing will interrupt the growth of new skin, destroy the epidermis, cause damage to the skin barrier, dryness, roughness, redness and other reactions;

Common postoperative reactions

1. Erythema: Depending on the treatment energy and the patient's skin sensitivity, erythema may appear on the skin for 1-3 days after treatment;

2. Swelling: Depending on the treatment energy and the patient's skin sensitivity, the treatment site may experience slight swelling for 1-3 days;

3. Burning: After the treatment, due to the stimulation of the radio frequency current, the patient will feel the skin burning immediately after the treatment. Applying the mask can relieve the fever, and the burning sensation will disappear after 2-3 hours;

4. Itching: when collagen and epidermis are regenerated after surgery, itching will appear, which is more obvious after four or five days, and gradually disappears after a week;

5. Short-term dull skin tone: Short-term dull skin tone will begin to appear about 3-5 days after the operation, and it will gradually disappear after 3-5 days, and the skin tone and skin texture will begin to improve;

6. Reactive acne: This is a temporary metabolic reaction of the skin. You can wash your hands to do acne treatment yourself, it is best to go to the hospital for help

Q&A of gold microneedle

Q: Why is it called gold microneedle radio frequency?

A: Gold micro-needle radio frequency is a radio frequency micro-needle probe made of gold. Its biggest feature is that the gold treatment head emits radio frequency energy after penetrating into the dermis layer. Acting on the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, the effect is more significant. The microneedle probe is made of gold, suitable for all kinds of skin, preventing infection and safer.

Q: Is gold microneedling suitable for people?

A. Loose skin, large pores, dull complexion, wrinkles, acne, pimples, scars, stretch marks, etc.

Q: Does it hurt to do so many needles?

A: The diameter of the needles of the gold microneedles is very small. Before the treatment, an anesthetic ointment is applied to the treatment area, and there is basically no pain during the treatment.

Q: Does the gold microneedling radiofrequency treatment damage the skin?

A: Gold microneedle radiofrequency is different from traditional exfoliation fractional technology, which avoids thermal damage to the epidermis. The needle tip penetrates deep into the dermis to directly emit heat, and the energy directly acts on the dermis layer to avoid adverse reactions such as scabbing and pigmentation after treatment.

Q: Do I need to take time off for treatment?

A: Don't worry, the unique insulating design of gold microneedles avoids the stimulation of the epidermis by RF energy. There will be no scabs after surgery, no discoloration, so you can avoid the trouble of downtime. Sometimes, the skin may be red and swollen due to the use of high radio frequency energy because the skin is too loose. Generally, it will return to normal within 1 to 3 days after the operation.

Q: Precautions in the process of gold microneedling treatment

A: The same part can only be treated once. If there is no redness and swelling, it can be treated again. After a period of treatment, the same site can be re-treated 1 or 2 times, but the interval should not be less than two weeks. The gold micro-needling is used for positions close to the bones, such as the forehead, cheekbones and temples, and the depth of the micro-needling into the skin cannot exceed 1.5mm.

Q: How many times do gold microneedling usually be done?

A. Although the effect of a single treatment is more obvious, it is recommended to carry out a course of treatment - 3 treatments.

Q: Can injections be performed before and after the gold microneedling treatment?

A. Injection therapy is available. It should be noted that the interval time, under normal circumstances, gold micro-needling treatment can be performed 1 month after the injection treatment, or smear of diluted botulinum toxin can be performed immediately after the gold micro-needling treatment. injection.

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