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Diode Hair Removal machine is the most popular demand in the medical beauty now

Pulished on Dec. 28, 2021

Diode Hair removal machine is the most common demand in the medical beauty field. 808nm Diode Laser Hair removal machine uses the extended application of the principle of selective photothermal action to accurately locate and destroy hair follicles which achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. The ideal population for laser hair removal is a moderate skin type with black terminal hair. However, a specialized medical hair removal device is now successfully used for all skin types. After each treatment with ideal parameters, 15% to 30% of the hair can be removed.

The 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal machine is the most common treatment device in most medical institutions.

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is a professional hair removal device for medical beauty, semiconductor laser hand with an excellent wavelength of 808nm, double pulse technology -- preheating pulse and heating pulse. The preheating pulse safely heats the hair follicle and surrounding tissue up to 40 degrees; The heating pulse selectively increases the hair follicle temperature to 50 degrees, precisely destroying the hair follicle without damaging adjacent tissues, to achieve a safe and lasting hair removal effect.

Diode Hair Removal machine is the most popular demand in the medical beauty now

Diode Laser Hair Removal device principle

General hair is divided into growing period (2-6) years, resting period (3-4) months, regression period (3-4) weeks, the easiest to fall off;

Principle: hair removal with a specially designed double-pulse laser, freezing in low energy through the skin of the first pulse heating skin tissue and hair follicles, the second pulse selective absorption will further enhance hair follicle temperature to 45 degrees, 10 Hz laser to ensure that the hair follicles in the temperature of the sliding maintain growth after some time lose hair follicle atrophy activity, to achieve permanent hair removal.

Effective response:

⑴ Deep coarse hair: mushy, curly, slightly protruding hair follicles, easy to pull out, the skin is slightly red, hot, and prickly.

2)Light hair: the skin is red and hot and prickly, some people have burnt hair taste, and occasionally the hair is better than before the operation.

(3) Residual hair remaining in the treatment area after treatment can be removed after 24 hours, and in most people, it will shed spontaneously after a few days (7 -- 14 days).

Treatment course Settings: ⑴ Armpit, face: 1 times /3-6 weeks ⑵ Limbs, torso: 1 times /3-6 weeks Treatment course: 3-6 times

The 808nm diode Laser Hair removal machine is based on the principle of selective photothermal action, which converts the laser energy into heat energy to selectively destroy hair follicles. The laser energy acts on the skin and is absorbed by the target color of the hair, to achieve the effect of hair removal. Melanin, especially eumelanin, selectively absorbs laser energy at 808nm. Red and gold hair contains melanin that absorbs little of these wavelengths of laser light. Laser energy is converted into heat in the hair to selectively destroy hair growth structures. The surrounding skin absorbs very little energy and is unaffected.

How to achieve permanent hair removal for 808nm Diode Laser machine?

In order to achieve the obvious effect of hair removal, both the growing area of the hair and the hair bulb must be accurately irradiated by laser. It is because of the deep position of the hair bulb that the light source with longer wavelength and deeper penetration should be used for treatment. It is difficult to see the curative effect if the hair growing area cannot be reached when the hair bulb cannot be penetrated or the hair growing area cannot be reached when the hair bulb is penetrated shallowly.

808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal machine utilizes the classical wavelength of 808nm and the principle of selective pyrolysis of light. The laser with the wavelength of high absorption rate of hair follicle pigment is selected to increase the temperature of hair follicles and destroy hair cells through photothermal transformation, while the surrounding tissue of hair follicles with less pigment absorbs less laser energy and can be protected. The 808nm Diode Laser Hair removal machine is equipped with a cooling system, so that the high-energy laser can be applied to the root of the hair follicle to achieve damage effect, achieve permanent hair removal effect, and improve the comfort of the patient.