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Development of medical beauty equipment industry

Pulished on Dec. 15, 2021

Medical beauty equipment is an important medical device that applies photo-acoustic technologies such as laser, radio frequency, or ultrasound to skin treatment in the field of non-surgical "light medical beauty", and thus achieves skin quality improvement and anti-aging and other cosmetic purposes. The current market is dominated by-products, and there is a lot of market shares for the development of medical aesthetics equipment in the future.

Current status and classification of the medical beauty equipment industry

1. The status quo of the medical beauty equipment industry

With the public's attention to the external image, the strengthening of aesthetic awareness, and the change of consumption concepts, the medical aesthetics equipment industry is developing towards younger, popular and grassroots level. The proportion of consumers under the age of 25 has increased rapidly, and male consumers have become a new growth point for the medical aesthetics industry. The new first-tier cities are the areas with the largest number of medical aesthetics users, and their users account for more than 40%. At the same time, second-tier cities in the next 5 years will rapidly grow to become the largest consumer market for medical aesthetics equipment. Surgery is no longer the only option for medical beauty. Non-invasive, nursing and painless beauty equipment treatments are more popular with the public. The market for non-surgical "light medical beauty" items has significantly increased the market growth rate than surgical items.

Medical beauty projects mainly include multi-frequency injection and equipment treatment projects. Injection treatments mainly include filled hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, water light needles, beauty needles, lipolysis needles, whitening needles, etc.; equipment treatments include laser hair removal equipment, acne laser machine, fractional co2 laser machine), radio frequency (rf beauty machine) and ultrasound therapy (ultrasound knife)

2. Industry classification of medical beauty equipment

Medical beauty equipment industry projects can be divided into surgical and non-surgical projects. Surgical items can be divided into eyes, nose, lips, face, chest, and trunk liposuction from top to bottom according to body parts. Non-surgical items can be divided into medical beauty and personal care according to the purpose of medical beauty. Medical beauty equipment is aimed at anti-aging, wrinkle removal, whitening, freckle removal, lifting, hair removal, etc.

Development of medical beauty equipment industry

"Medical beauty equipment" refers to the application of electro-acoustic technology such as laser, radio frequency or ultrasound to skin treatment to achieve firming of the skin, improvement of skin texture, treatment of acne, acne marks, scars, removal of stains, birthmarks, red blood streaks, Equipment or equipment with functions such as hair removal. Different types of medical aesthetic equipment can penetrate and act on different skin layers, and the skin problems they can solve and the medical aesthetic effects achieved are also different. Among them, the effect of acne laser machine on the epidermal skin is mainly to achieve anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, acne, freckle removal and whitening; the effect of Hifu ultrasound facelift machine to achieve the purpose of tightening, wrinkle removal, and stimulation of regeneration in the dermis; the effect of Cavitation rf slimming machine on the subcutaneous fat layer can achieve The purpose of reducing fat and slimming, and the function of the fascia layer can stimulate the regeneration of collagen and achieve the purpose of anti-aging.

1.Ipl machine

Ipl machine beauty equipment is based on the principle of selective absorption of light and the principle of photopyrolysis. It has the functions of lightening, removing moles, and rejuvenating the skin. It mainly includes laser "removing" moles, laser freckle removal, segmented laser, picoseconds Projects such as lasers. The application fields of Ipl machine mainly include tattoo removal, wrinkle removal, shaping, hair removal and dental fields. The main principle of Ipl machine is to irradiate facial acupuncture points and local skin to effectively stimulate facial meridian points, promote skin metabolism, remove aging and shrinking epithelial cells, enhance facial skin collagen vitality, promote cell regeneration and sebaceous glands and sweat glands. The secretion function of ipl machine stimulates the peripheral nerves of the epidermis, promotes the body's anabolism and tissue repair, so that the facial skin is rosy, white, delicate and shiny, and elastic, which can delay skin aging and have the effect of nourishing and beautifying.

2. Fractional co2 laser machine equipment

Fractional co2 laser machine can penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin and produce a thermal effect to achieve anti-aging effects. The principle is that the electromagnetic wave will produce a thermal effect during the propagation of the human tissue. The fractional co2 laser machine can penetrate the epidermis to heat the dermis and deep subcutaneous tissues, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and promote collagen fibers, elastic fibers and dermis. Intercellular matrix regeneration and other effects, so as to achieve the effect of anti-aging.

3. Ultrasonic beauty equipment

Ultrasonic therapy equipment, also known as ultrasonic knife, can pass high-energy focused ultrasound directly to the SMAS fascia layer, and use the thermal effect to promote collagen regeneration and contraction, so as to achieve the effect of wrinkle removal, lifting and tightening. The treatment principle is to precisely focus ultrasound to the subepidermal fascia layer (SMAS layer), and quickly heat 60℃-70℃ (the temperature of skin collagen fiber degeneration is about 65℃) with precise and clear boundaries to form a unique heat. Freezing point, so as to initiate collagen degeneration, new collagen production and collagen remodeling without damaging the skin surface, thereby promoting the regeneration of own collagen.

Ultrasonic scalpel acts on different skin depths and produces different therapeutic effects. The effect on the superficial dermis is mainly to improve wrinkles, and the deep dermis has a firming effect, and the fascia layer (SMAS layer) can really improve the effective. The ultrasonic knife is currently the only medical aesthetic treatment that can reach the depth of the fascia layer, which is its biggest advantage compared to laser and radio frequency equipment. The disadvantage is that the consumables of ultrasonic scalpel are expensive, and the number of treatments of a treatment head is limited, which increases the treatment price of the project, and the scope of use is not wide as much as other beauty equipment.