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Comparing the benefits of vacuum cavitation machine vs cavitation fat machine

Pulished on Dec. 22, 2021

If you are opening any kind of med-esthetic business, this question must have come to your mind. Should you opt for a vacuum cavitation machine or a cavitation fat machine would suit you better? Not every business has the resources to invest in both of these machines. That’s why we thought that you would be interested in knowing the opinion of a beauty machine manufacturer on this subject. 

There’s no denying that being overweight can be very stressful. When you look in the mirror, the last thing you want to see is the extra inches around your waist, hips and thighs. For women who struggle to lose weight, cellulite fat is one of the biggest culprits in making you feel uncomfortable in your skin. But fortunately, there are many solutions. Vacuum cavitation machine and cavitation fat machine are a few of the proven ways to permanently get rid of this lumpy, bumpy problem!

Both of these aesthetic medical devices are a great way to shed some extra pounds of weight. But if you had to choose one, which one will you opt for? Most of you must have these questions in your mind. But with this article, all of your queries will be solved. Below, we have compared the benefits of both of these awesome aesthetic medical devices. If you are still confused and want an answer more tailored to your requirements, you can always contact Sincoheren!

Comparing the benefits of vacuum cavitation machine vs cavitation fat machine

Benefits of the vacuum cavitation machine:

The biggest benefit of vacuum cavitation machine is that not only it can suck away fat but also can stimulate your overall appearance by cleaning out your pores and tightening up loose skin. Vacuum cavitation machine is considered one of the best treatments for dimple fat in thighs, knees, buttocks, stomach, and top of the arm. It can dissolve fat while stimulating all epidermis layers. 

The Vacuum slimming beauty machine is a two-in-one product that employs the latest fat removal technology using suction and radiofrequency treatments. This dual-action fat remover can help to suck away your bulges as well as grant you smoother, more radiant skin with a series of heats and massages!

First of all, a vacuum cavitation machine can effectively suck away any unwanted body fat that frustratingly lingers on your body despite your best efforts to get rid of them. Vacuum slimming devices are also top-rated for their results with cellulite reduction therapy. They use suction and pressure to release liquids, toxins, and even lipids that cause dimpling skin. The result is not only a visible reduction of dimpling skin but also a more toned, smooth, and better-defined physique! With the help of a vacuum cup massage pad, you can activate your metabolism, remove excess fluid from tissues and subcutaneous fat, improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Comparing the benefits of vacuum cavitation machine vs cavitation fat machine

Vacuum cavitation machine results:

Utilizing the vacuum therapy technique, you can tone your body and lose inches from around specific areas just within 30 minutes. Achieving this is simple! You need to undergo a 6-week program of roughly 2-3 sessions a week to begin seeing results. The time for noticeable results varies from person to person, but most people have seen improvements after three sessions. Vacuum cavitation machine does not only help gluteal tone muscles but also makes skin smoother!

Cavitation fat machine benefits:

Cavitation therapy is versatile: 

Body cavitation machine can be used at almost any part of your body. Common treatment sites include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or back. Body cavitation machine can also handle smaller areas such as the chin or upper arm, but you shouldn’t use 40K in this area. We can only use a 15Mhz frequency in such areas because 15Mhz carries 18W of power. This is just adequate strength to quickly break down subcutaneous adipose tissue using mechanical effects while sparing surrounding tissues and musculature.

Cavitation treatment is non-invasive:

It might sound like a fantasy but vacuum cavitation machine treatment is non-invasive. There are no needles involved, and this entire procedure is completed without you having to spend hours getting pumped full of anesthesia before the process can begin. All you have to do is sit back and relax for about an hour or so. Ultrasound technology works by sending high-frequency sound waves through the body to help remove stubborn abdominal fat, which isn't normally drawn out during a typical liposuction procedure.

Cavitation treatment is painless:

Cavitation fat machine treatment is painless because you should only feel a little bit of tinnitus on the side of your ear while undergoing treatments. A casual redness might become apparent but it will vanish in a few hours.

Immediate visible results:

Body cavitation machine often produces visible results immediately. Some of the changes will be noticeable even in the first treatment if your body isn’t extra resilient. The best results become apparent after three days, but some people may need to resume treatment several times before they can see a difference because no two body types are exactly alike. This might vary depending on your physique and whether or not you are an ideal candidate for these ultrasound treatments in the first place.

Cavitation treatment is effective:

Cellulite is a common problem which a lot of women suffer from. Most women tend to ignore it as they think it happens when you get older, and there's not much one can do about it. But if you feel like you want to make a change, then maybe going for cavitation fat machine therapy would be for the best. It will stimulate cellulite breaking down and elimination by exposing the skin to very low-frequency sound waves, which will help with reducing cellulite. Since what causes cellulite are fibrous adhesions around collagen in the deeper layers of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, this therapy might assist in providing an approach worth trying besides dieting or exercising!

All things considered, both of these cavitation aesthetic medical devices are effective, especially when meal plans and exercise routines have failed. Any type of cavitation equipment can reshape your body, eliminate cellulite and make your skin feel good. But if we had to pick one, we would definitely go for simple cavitation fat machine. You can also get a combo of both of these awesome devices at top beauty machine manufacturerSincoheren!