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Best HIFU Machine for Fat Reduction

Pulished on Aug. 15, 2022

Can HIFU machine be used to lessen fat as well? Scizer uses a HIFU based technology called macro focused scanning ultrasound( MFSU) to reduce unwanted fat deposit in the abdomen.

Best HIFU Machine for Fat Reduction

Sizer heats fat cells to cause coagulative necrosis by focusing ultrasound waves at deeper depth than traditional HIFU machines. Fat microscopic cells that undergo coagulative necrosis mildew right into a gel- like substance which is removed within days by your body.

The human bodyScizer has larger spot sizes and two handpieces, which enables one to take care of large facets of the human body in 50 percent time. The results of the Scizer, like the skin tensing effects of Ultraformer II, will be both immediate and more obvious with time. One treatment with the scizer can reduce the waistline circumference by 2. 5 cm and up to 8 cm in three months. Take a great ruler and measure 8 cm. That 's significant!

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