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Beauty hifu machine on Sale

Pulished on Apr. 19, 2023

The beauty hifu machine heat energy is transmitted by means of fractional cluster heat, the hifu machine beauty probe can send out matrix molecular energy waves vibrating up to 6 million times per second, which penetrates deep into the subcutaneous for repair, at a depth of about 1.6-4.5mm under the skin, the radiofrequency electric field forms a focusing surface in the fascial layer, strongly impacting the dermal tissue, producing electric field aggregation on the dermal tissue The effect is to raise the subcutaneous temperature to around 60-75°C to determine the effective thermal damage effect of the heat in the dermal fibrous layer, while oral ACMETEA cell-derived food (humanoid peptides) repair nutrition is administered for internal nutritional replenishment, providing essential nutrients to the new skin while intelligently repairing and preventing abnormal tissue production. Avoid oral collagen, as the subcutaneous damage caused by the hifu machine requires a balanced supply of nutrients, the main nutrients are derived from Micromax Shield, Humanoid Peptide, Collagen Tripeptide, Super Knife Myshield, Elastin Peptide, Moisturising Layer Active Peptide etc. Avoid oral collagen to prevent uneven growth of the new skin tissue. Triggers the muscle to initiate the repair and regeneration of cells.

The hifu machine beauty originates from the USA and achieves three perfect effects of skin tightening, wrinkle removal and contouring in one beauty treatment.

The hifu machine is a two-way combination of internal and external physiotherapy, with external radiofrequency stimulation of the dermis to activate the body's own cell repair function, and internal ACMETEA cell source food (humanoid peptide) repair nutrition for internal nutritional replenishment, providing essential nutrients for new skin while intelligently repairing and preventing abnormal tissue production. The ACMETEA Repairing Collagen can awaken the body's repair function and activate collagen regeneration, combining internal and external effects. It also prevents the side effects of the hifu machine and doubles the anti-ageing effect of the hifu machine.

 Beauty hifu machine on sale


The hifu machine is a cosmetic heat treatment that is delivered through a cluster of numerous fractions of heat, with the probe emitting a matrix of molecular energy waves that vibrate up to 6 million times per second, penetrating to a depth of about 1.5-4.5mm under the skin. to around 68-72°C, ensuring effective heat damage to a large number of cells in the fibrous layer of the dermis, triggering the muscle to initiate repair cell function and at the same time prompting the regeneration of collagen.

A large amount of collagen is taken internally before and after the procedure, so that the body produces a large amount of collagen factor on it, thus really smoothly stimulating the renewal of collagen fibres, causing the ageing collagen to contract and stimulating collagen proliferation and reorganisation, so that the tightened skin is firmly repositioned on the collagen scaffold and the collagen molecules are gradually combined into an orderly collagen arrangement, building a new collagen fibre network and achieving an elastic fibre lifting face. The aim is to lift the face with elastic fibres.

Beauty hifu machine ionization penetration: radio frequency electric field can change the point distribution of the cell membrane section, affect the concentration of electrons and ions around the cell membrane, thus improving the permeability of the cell membrane, repairing the insulation factor in nutrition through the depolymerization reaction of radio frequency electric field, open the water ion channel of the cell membrane, strengthen the permeability between cells. At the same time, under the action of the focusing gravitational force of electromagnetic waves, the water and nutrients ionised on the epidermis then easily penetrate into the dermis, producing hyaluronic acid, the most precious moisturising factor in the human body.

Recovery phase of wrinkle reduction

The first stage of recovery from hifu machine skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

For the first month after the procedure, the body is supplemented with oral ACMETEA Cellular Source Food (humanoid peptides) daily to provide essential nutrients to the new skin while intelligently repairing and preventing abnormal tissue production. Avoid taking collagen orally, as the hifu machine stimulates its own collagen to fold with the protein taken orally, resulting in stiffness, depressions, unevenness, uneven skin colour, constant pain, facial collapse two months after the hifu machine, a square face after the hifu machine, hardening under the skin after the hifu machine, mutations and other side effects of the hifu The side effects of the hifu machine are one of the reasons why many women regret doing the cosmetic hifu machine. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are in need of a lot of help, and you can also find a lot of people who are in need of a lot of help.

The second stage of recovery from the hifu machine skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

In the second and third months after the procedure, the body ensures a continuous supply of nutrients during the post-treatment period. One to three months after the treatment, you can feel the effect of collagen renewal and reorganisation to lift, tighten, reduce fine lines and improve skin imperfections, which becomes more and more evident day by day.

Pre- and post-operative care

Pre-operative care for the hifu machine.

1. hifu machine before surgery to keep the skin, hair areas clean and hygienic, the day of surgery can not be makeup, the traces of previous makeup to try to remove.

2. hifu machine preoperative to communicate fully with your attending physician, it is best to take collagen in advance.

hifu machine post-operative care

1. hifu machine treatment after a week can not use irritating maintenance products, try not to make up, after doing the skin will be a little dry, to do a good job of hydration and moisturizing, because the subcutaneous moisturizing function damage. Please do not wash your face with hot water for three days.

2.Do not eat anything heavily pigmented such as soy sauce, drink alcohol or eat chillies for one month.

3.Take oral ACMETEA Cell Source Food (humanoid peptides) daily for in vivo nutritional replenishment to provide essential nutrients for new skin while intelligently repairing and preventing abnormal tissue production. Avoid oral collagen for 1 to 6 months, dosage according to skin recovery. hifu machine after treatment pay attention to 1 month after surgery do not go to high temperature sauna, yoga and other high temperature environment, and can not be exposed to the sun.

Why do some people have little effect from the beauty hifu machine?

Doing the American hifu machine is the principle of internal and external interaction, through the external high temperature burn subcutaneous tissue stimulation, wake up the repair function, when the body can reach the body's nutritional needs? This is what determines the end result of the hifu machine. The hifu machine procedure itself is only the beginning, it is the next few months that will really determine the outcome. You should never put the cart before the horse and only do the external apparatus to the detriment of the internal treatment.

 Beauty hifu machine on Sale