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Application of medical aesthetic machine equipment

Pulished on Dec. 14, 2021

Heart of beauty lies in everyone. Beauty is an eternal topic. From ancient times to the present, people have never slackened on the issue of beauty.

With the development of science and technology, modern people have more ways to change their appearance, and they are more and more willing to invest time and money in the cause of beauty. Basic care, freezing point hair removal, skin whitening and skin rejuvenation, anti-aging wrinkle removal, acne scars, posture management, etc., each is a popular beauty demand. The market for various esthetic equipment such as skin analysis machine, water-light treatment instrument, salon laser hair removal machine, comprehensive instrument series, rf fractional microneedling machine, ipl laser machines, etc. is also growing.

Aesthetic machine equipment made by beauty machine manufacturers is a new beauty method that has emerged in recent years. The esthetic equipment suppliers generate high energy, precise focus and penetrating monochromatic light, which acts on human tissues to generate high heat locally. To achieve the purpose of removing or destroying the target organization, it is painless and safe, and reliable, and is welcomed by many people. Through it, facial wrinkles can be eliminated, and the skin can become delicate and smooth with proper laser irradiation.

Application of medical aesthetic machine equipment

The daily application of Aesthetic machine needs to meet the following conditions:

1. The Aesthetic machine should be placed steadily at a room temperature of 10°C-35°C, a relative humidity of less than 80%, and a well-ventilated location. It should not be placed near heat sources such as radiators, heat ventilation pipes, or where there is direct sunlight and mechanical vibration;

2. The installation and use environment requires clean, low dust, good air quality, no strong electromagnetic field interference, and strict prevention of drops and impacts;

3. All connecting wires of the Aesthetic machine should be inserted in place, and be careful not to insert the wrong interface or virtual connection;

4. Avoid direct eyes to the light-emitting port;

Aesthetic machine equipment can not only make changes to the human face, but also remove tattoos, wash eyeliner, wash eyebrows, and whiten teeth. It has a wide range of applications. Smart medical products can also meet the medical field, 99% of medical equipment touch display equipment supporting applications.

What skin problems can the skin laser treatment machine solve? Why can laser be used for beauty?

In recent years, skin laser treatment machine is a new non-surgical cosmetic method that has emerged. The laser has many characteristics such as large energy, specific direction, and penetrability. It can generate high heat locally in human tissues to achieve the purpose of removing or destroying target tissues. With the development and popularization of laser cosmetology, beauty lovers have discovered the secret of solving skin problems with less effort.

Laser resurfacing machine used in medical beauty mainly depends on its energy and penetrability. Specific body surface lesions can absorb laser light of a specific wavelength and destroy the lesions through energy. Different depths of lesions require lasers of different wavelengths to reach. The shorter the wavelength of the laser, the stronger the penetration and the deeper it can penetrate into the skin. The darker the color of the lesion, the longer the wavelength of the laser that can be absorbed.

What skin problems can laser resurfacing machine solve?

1. Remove spots-freckles, age spots, etc.

Spot removal is actually the largest area of laser treatment, and it has a good effect on most skin spots such as Ota nevus, freckles, chloasma, age spots, and tattoos. The principle of Laser treatment equipment is mainly to use laser energy to destroy pigments and make them decompose and absorb.

2. Laser spider vein removal machine- treatment of congestion-telangiectasia, red face

The telangiectasia is more common in fair-skinned patients. The laser spider vein removal machine uses its photothermal effect to seal the blood vessels to achieve the therapeutic effect. The so-called "laser to redness" mainly refers to the treatment of vascular skin diseases by the laser of the vascular removal machine. Vascular skin diseases are actually very common, including the commonly known "red birthmarks", "red two groups" and various common hemangiomas in infants and young children.

Laser treatment of vascular skin diseases uses oxygenated hemoglobin to selectively absorb a certain wavelength of laser light, which results in a high degree of damage to the vascular tissue. It has a high degree of accuracy and safety and will not affect the surrounding tissues. The emergence of laser has become a revolution in the history of treatment of vascular diseases. Therefore, vascular removal machine is also effective in treating telangiectasia.

3. Laser hair removal equipment-hair removal

Laser hair removal equipment is also an important part of laser treatment, especially in the armpits, limbs, and perioral area. Laser hair removal has become the main method of removing unwanted hair due to its convenience, speed, safety and efficiency. Generally, it takes 3 to 6 times. Because hair has to go through three stages: growth phase, regression phase, and resting phase, only growth phase hair follicles contain melanin, so laser is only effective for growth phase hair.

4. Treat acne

The laser can only treat mild to moderate acne, and laser treatment is not suitable for severe or infection. Laser treatment can be combined with dermatology.

5. Skin rejuvenation-skin tightening and wrinkle removal-hifu machine

The strong pulsed light of the laser acts on the skin tissues to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, which can rearrange, regenerate, and restore elasticity of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the deep part, so that facial skin wrinkles disappear or reduce, and pores are reduced. The effect of skin rejuvenation.

How to take care of scientifically after laser treatment?

Since laser treatment will leave small wounds and scabs on the skin, there are many points worth noting in skin care:

1. After treatment, since the skin is sensitive to heat sources, avoid using hot water to clean the treated area when washing your face. You should use warm or cold water to clean the area. When washing, the action should be as gentle as possible and do not rub hard.

2. At the moment when the strong light acts during the treatment, a large amount of free water on the skin is lost, so most patients will feel the skin is dry and dehydrated after the treatment, so after the treatment is over, they should be given supplementary water in time.

3. Anti-inflammatory ointment (such as erythromycin ointment, chlortetracycline ointment, etc.) should be applied to the treatment area for 2-3 days, twice a day to prevent infection. Pay attention not to apply too many times, otherwise it will affect the scab The formation of the skin.

4. During the recovery period, do not touch the water in the treatment area, do not perform skin care, do not make up, and do not rub.

5. Strenuous exercise should not be carried out during the recovery period, so as to avoid excessive sweating, causing skin infections or delaying the repair process.