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About emsculpt machine

Pulished on Dec. 15, 2021

Emsculpt machine manufacturer adopts "HIFEM" high-intensity focused electromagnetic field technology. "HIFEM" technology in emsclupt machine can effectively induce muscle "super contraction exercise" to help you move your muscles and consume fat. Applicable parts include the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs. No strenuous exercise is required, just lie down or sit down. Operation to help users strengthen the abdominal muscles, outline the buttocks curve, improve the arm lines, and create the shape of the legs.

1. Does the emsculpt machine really hurt?

The emsculpt machine is non-invasive, painless and has no recovery period. It is different from the traditional body sculpting method. The emsculpt machine feels more like numbness. After the end, it is like the muscle soreness after the training, but it will not last for a long time. This feeling will disappear. 

The three steps of emsculpt machine are muscle warming up, contraction training, recovery and remodeling. Each experience is 30 minutes, and the above stages are repeated 6 times. After the first and second cycles, they will adapt a lot.

2. Is the emsculpt machine safe?

The emsculpt machine adopts electromagnetic pulse mechanism, which is non-ionizing, non-radiative and non-thermal, does not damage sensory nerves, is safe and reliable, and users can use it with confidence.

3. What parts can high intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer machine improve? Can it completely replace fitness?

The main areas for improvement are the abdomen and buttocks, and it can also act on the thighs, calves, arms and other muscle groups

The emsculpt machine is very suitable for men and women who need to build muscles, postpartum mothers, sedentary white-collar workers, and people who have body anxiety. It is the welfare of lazy people, but it is the black technology of muscle building-fat burning and shaping.

The emsculpt machine cannot completely replace fitness, but it can help the fitness group see the effect more quickly, assist in gaining muscle, improve performance, and make muscles, curves, and body shapes more attractive.

4. How many times can emsculpt machine be used to see the effect?

An emsculpt machine experience normally takes 30 minutes (large muscle groups) and 20 minutes (small muscle groups). It is generally recommended that obvious muscle lines appear after 1 experience cycle (6-8 times). You can look for the emsculpt machine beside you to cooperate, Wholesalers, emsculpt machine manufacturers help you to develop a personalized plan.

The home weight-loss machine using EMS technology claims that it can trigger muscle neurons with micro currents to stimulate muscles to exercise, thereby achieving the effect of reducing fat. Although the effectiveness of the EMS weight-loss machine is still unknown, the emsculpt machine used in the beauty salon not only has similar functions, but also can make the effect of muscle exercise more obvious!

About emsculpt machine

Emsculpt machine manufacturer utilizes patented HIFEM fat-reducing and muscle-increasing positioning technology, high-frequency contraction signals can penetrate into the subcutaneous muscles 7cm, focusing on muscle motor neurons, so that the muscles can perform multiple extreme muscle exercises in a short period of time, just like doing it in 30 minutes Same as 20,000 Sit-ups! Really reduce fat and increase muscle at the same time, it is suitable for people who have a pursuit of body shape or want to shape abdominal muscles and other muscles. In addition, the emsculpt machine can increase muscle and reduce fat at the same time. In particular, it can help postpartum mothers to exercise rectus abdominis, relocate the rectus abdominis that was separated due to childbirth, reduce fat, and reshape the waist and abdomen curve.

Emsculpt machine is also a weight loss instrument used in professional beauty salons. It has more guarantees than other weight loss machines in terms of safety and efficiency. Moreover, the therapists who perform treatments for you in the beauty salon are professionally trained, and some beauty centers will even arrange special personnel. Beauty salon centers also follow up on the progress of weight loss treatments and tailor-made individual weight loss treatments for customers.