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808nm diode laser hair removal machine for beauty salon

Pulished on Dec. 28, 2021

The 808nm diode laser hair removal machine adopts a new type of pulse pattern and repetition frequency. Through technical advantages, the hair removal machine speed can be increased to 3-5 times that of the previous, making large-area hair removal easier, fully computer-controlled, and simple to operate. Let the operator and the experiencer feel very relaxed together.

Diode laser hair removal machine adopts 810nm semiconductor laser, which is the gold standard for laser hair removal and irradiates the skin with a low energy density through a specially designed double-pulse laser. Lido heats the skin tissue and hair follicles through a laser pulse of the epidermis. One pulse selectively raises the temperature of the hair follicle to about 45 degrees. The sliding 10Hz laser ensures that the hair follicle is maintained at this temperature for some time, and the hair follicle and growing stem cells lose their growth activity, thereby achieving the purpose of long-lasting hair removal.

Laser hair removal equipment gently deactivates the hair follicles automatically, so that it can achieve long-term hair removal without excessively irritating the skin to avoid pain or risk.

The 808 diode laser hair removal machine relies on selective light and heat effects to generate high heat in the hair follicles, and then damage the hair follicles to reach the intention of hair removal. Freezing point painless hair removal instrument with touch cooling head, how to change the water of 808nm diode laser hair removal machine, can limit the heat to damage the hair follicles, and allow the heat to be dispersed from the epidermis, the skin will not reach the damage or limit, and it can be protected from heat damage, so you will not feel pain.

The principle of the freezing point hair removal device: high-tech hair removal applies cold numbness to the skin, using the melanocytes in the hair follicles to absorb specific wavelengths of light, resulting in a photothermal response, which damages the hair roots in the hair follicles and does not damage the skin sweat glands, and then achieves permanent hair removal effect. Shorten pores and whiten skin together.

808nm diode laser hair removal machine for beauty salon

At many critical moments, the difference between the 808nm diode laser machine and the laser hair removal 810 is that the "hair" on girls is always an eyesore. There are many hair removal methods, such as beeswax, hair removal cream, laser hair removal, etc. But do you know?

You can't get rid of hair casually, once you get rid of your hair incorrectly, you may harm your skin!

It is not suitable for hair removal during menstruation: Women are more sensitive to pain during menstruation, and their resistance is weak, and the state of the skin is very unstable. Therefore, hair removal should be avoided as much as possible to avoid unnecessary damage to their skin and body.

Do not remove hair too frequently: 6 to 8 weeks after laser hair removal, the desired effect can be achieved, so do not remove hair too frequently.

We must pay attention to sun protection before and after hair removal: sun exposure will make our skin more vulnerable to damage. In order to protect our skin, we need to avoid strong sun exposure for a week before and after hair removal.

Those with thick hair should choose laser hair removal:

Laser hair removal is a popular and ideal hair removal method nowadays. It uses laser light to only penetrate the skin so that the melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the laser and heats it instantly to destroy the hair follicle. This does not harm the skin and the hair does not regenerate. This method is very suitable for people with thick hair because it will neither adversely affect the sweat glands nor cause any harm to the human body. Beauty salon uses freezing point hair removal, no matter in terms of time, comfort, and the number of hair removals, it feels comfortable.

What are the advantages of 808nm diode laser hair removal machine?

1. After safe freezing point hair removal, it will not cause hair follicle inflammation, damage pores, and affect perspiration.

2. Freezing point hair removal bids farewell to the single phenomenon of traditional laser hair removal. How much is the 808 hair removal machine? It can also achieve the effects of firming, whitening, moisturizing, and shrinking pores while removing hair.

3. Effectively hit and destroy hair follicles, so that hair no longer grows, and remove excess hair fundamentally, and ideal

4. Compared with traditional hair removal methods, the 808nm diode laser hair removal machine uses different hair removal bands for freezing point hair removal for precise and quantitative hair removal which can achieve targeted removal.

5. Fast, the operation time of general parts is 5~10 minutes, which does not affect normal entertainment, communication, and other activities.