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808 semiconductor hair removal machine

Pulished on Dec. 22, 2022

Semiconductor hair removal machine: a relatively popular hair removal equipment in recent years, mainly through low-intensity laser irradiation of blood can trigger a series of biochemical reactions of the human body, through the fixed wavelength 808nm laser penetration of the skin, destruction of hair papillae, through the role of blood and static blood to improve and restore the physiological function of blood, so as to achieve hair removal.



There are many kinds of hair removal machines on the market, 808 semiconductor hair removal machine is currently on the market hair removal effect hin advanced machine equipment, than the previous hair removal machine effect are better.

So why is it called 808 semiconductor hair removal machine? Because the wavelength of 808 semiconductor emission is 808nm, experiments show that 808nm is the closest to the target hair follicles of the dermis, wavelength penetration deep, targeted strong, no harm to the flesh tissue.

808 semiconductor hair removal machine uses semiconductor laser technology, the light source has a single, fast operation, spot area 10 * 10mm, 12 * 12mm and other six kinds of spots can be selected, applicable to various parts of the body, hair removal process is mild and comfortable, generally 3 to 5 times to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, the machine does not have supplies, is currently the first choice of high-end clubs and professional hair removal institutions as a project to expand customers.


808 semiconductor is divided into three kinds of macro channel, micro channel and no channel. Macro channel and micro channel with ionized water or distilled water, water temperature control at 35 degrees, can be continuously operated for 3 hours; no channel on the water quality requirements, water temperature up to 55 or 85 degrees, can be continuously operated for 24 hours.


 808 semiconductor hair removal machine

Hair removal, the basic principle is that the 808nm laser emits laser, this beam of light can penetrate the target target tissue (hair papilla), producing photothermal biological effect to carry out treatment; the right amount of energy density in the right time to provide strong enough energy output enough to damage the target tissue while normal tissue is not affected (so the selection of the laser and its important); suitable epidermal protection measures target tissue enough damage, while the epidermis The specific wavelength of the laser handpiece slides to maintain the hair follicle and growth stem cells for a period of time, thus achieving the purpose of hair removal.

In addition, the laser will generate a lot of waste heat when it works, so it also needs an internal integrated compressor or water cooling equipment, which are all considerations. We must pay extra attention to the above issues when selecting or developing equipment, so as not to lose customer resources for a while because of cost or R&D expenses.


Semiconductor laser hair removal machine is currently one of the most clinically used laser hair removal system, the wavelength is 800nm or 810nm. As far as the wavelength is concerned, the melanin of the hair follicle is relatively strong absorption of light in this wavelength, which can effectively destroy the hair follicle; 808 is currently the machine with the best hair removal effect, 808 is targeted, more accurate, shorter hair removal cycle, higher comfort, long service life, and truly painless Hair removal.


The laser hair removal adopts the 810nm semiconductor laser, which is the gold standard of laser hair removal, through the specially designed double-pulse laser, only irradiates the skin with lower energy density, and the first laser pulse of strength through the epidermis heats the skin tissue and hair follicle. The second pulse selectively raises the hair follicle temperature further to about 45 degrees, and the sliding 10Hz laser ensures that the hair follicle is maintained at this temperature for a period of time, and the hair follicle and growth stem cells lose their growth activity, thus achieving long term hair removal.

The biggest difference in the mechanism of hair removal is that traditional laser hair removal requires instantaneous high energy to burn the hair follicle, while ice point hair removal gently makes the hair follicle inactive automatically, thus achieving long term hair removal without over stimulating the skin to avoid pain or risk.


Hair removal adopts a new pulse mode and repetition frequency, which can increase the hair removal speed to 3-5 times of the previous speed through technical advantages, making hair removal in large areas much easier with full computer control and simple operation for both the operator and the experience.


808 laser hair removal technology as a permanent laser hair removal method highly respected in the medical beauty industry, safe hair removal without side effects on the skin, the cost is also very reasonable, so the cost of laser hair removal is accepted by the majority of white-collar ladies and has become the most popular permanent hair removal method.