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808 diode laser hair removal machine-beauty equipment

Pulished on Dec. 14, 2021

808 diode laser hair removal machine can solve the current technical bottleneck of hair removal. First of all, the contact cooling technology used on the 808 hair removal machine can protect the epidermis from high temperatures and avoid the burns we worry about most. In fact, it is the freezing point hair removal technology we often talk about. Diode 808 laser machine can intelligently adjust the level of energy, which can ensure that the target tissue produces enough thermal coagulation, and the surrounding tissues are almost unaffected; and this appropriate energy density can ensure that sufficient energy output is provided in an appropriate time,which is able to ensure the efficiency of hair removal.

Diode 808 laser hair removal machine can be used in a wide range, including cheek hair removal, lips hair removal, neck hair removal, back hair removal, breast hair removal, armpit hair removal, arm hair removal, bikini line hair removal, and leg hair removal.

The features of 808 laser hair removal machine beauty equipment: The selection area of the hair removal hand tool is large, so the hair removal efficiency is high and the speed is fast. The 808nm wavelength laser has a relatively strong penetrating power, so the hair growing in the hair follicles of different depths under the skin can absorb the energy emitted by the hair removal device, making the hair removal more thorough. With the characteristics of freezing point hair removal, the epidermis can be instantly cooled during the process of hair removal, so the diode 808 laser machine beauty instrument can basically be painless.

The diode 808 laser hair removal machine is effective for most people, but the effect varies from person to person. If you have whiter skin but darker hair, and the color contrast is more obvious, the hair removal effect will be very good. If you have a darker skin tone, the effect of hair removal will also be discounted. Generally, finer hair, lip hair have a worse depilation effect. This is because the laser emitted by the instrument is preferentially absorbed by melanin. If the skin is darker, it will disperse the absorption of energy by melanin in the hair follicle, which will result in depilation. The effect becomes weaker.

There are many laser hair removal equipment manufacturers on the market. There are many types of laser hair removal devices. Because the 808 laser hair removal machine uses lasers and specific wavelengths, the hair removal effects are also outstanding. Challenging subjects, such as laser hair removal equipment manufacturers with more experienced teams can control the laser well, and the filters that filter out the 808nm band usually use natural sapphire, and the production cost of diode hair removal machine manufacturers is also compared. High, so the cost of diode 808 laser machine is relatively high among various similar products.

At present, the most common and most effective hair removal device is diode 808 laser machine. The 808 hair removal device emits 808nm laser to act on the skin surface. The laser passes through the skin until the hair shaft has the highest melanin concentration.

Laser hair removal needs to completely remove the hair according to the course of treatment. The hair growth cycle is divided into growth period, decay period and dormant period. The hair follicle has the best hair removal effect during the growth period;

In the anagen phase, hair growth is active, melanocytes divide vigorously, and the melanin content reaches a peak; in the anagen phase, hair growth is static, the number of capillaries decreases, the dermal papilla shrinks, and the melanocytes stop producing melanin; in the telogen phase, the hair matrix separates from the dermal papilla, and the hair Fall off.

The principle of laser hair removal is to use the selective absorption of light by melanin to heat the hair follicles to above 75 degrees Celsius to inactivate the hair follicles (hair papilla) to achieve the effect of hair removal. The melanin content in the hair follicles in the growth period reaches the peak, so each time only the hair in the growth period can achieve the expected therapeutic effect.

808 diode laser hair removal machine-beauty equipment

There are many types of hair removal equipment, but the diode 808 laser hair removal machine is a very popular hair removal equipment in terms of hair removal effect and comfort, but can it really achieve long-lasting hair removal?

What are the advantages of 808 hair removal machine

For 808 hair removal machine, diode hair removal machine manufacturer selects 808nm, which is a single wave band, which has stronger penetrating power and more precise parts of action. The heat generated by the laser will be quickly transported to the hair follicles under the skin, and accurately act on the melanin in the hair follicles. The high temperature generated after the melanin absorbs heat energy can quickly solidify the proteins in the hair follicles. The basic living environment of hair is destroyed, naturally, it cannot grow again, and the purpose of hair removal is achieved.

Comfortable, gentle, fast hair removal without turning black?

Many pulsed light or laser hair removal devices on the market will generate a certain amount of heat during treatment. The higher the temperature, the better the hair removal effect, but the impact on the skin is also great. The 808 hair removal machine solves this problem very well. The system is upgraded to ICE mode. The diode hair removal machine manufacturer uses the freezing point hair removal method. During the treatment, the hand can be cooled so that the epidermis will not be burnt. The whole process of hair removal is very good. Comfortable, gentle, and the chance of anti-black is very small.

Are there any side effects of the Diode 808 laser machine?

Since diode 808 laser hair removal machine uses 808nm light which only reacts to the melanin in hair follicles, there is no need to worry about the effects of light on the deep water molecules, sweat glands and skin during hair removal. 808 laser hair removal machine is suitable for all parts of dark and light hair and excess black hair.

Is 808 diode laser hair removal machine long-lasting hair removal?

Although the 808 hair removal device has obvious effects in single hair removal, if you want to get a better hair removal effect, you need to formulate a corresponding treatment course according to your own hair condition and recovery degree. More info, contact diode hair removal machine manufacturer.