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FAQ (IPL Hair Removal)


Q1  Is it normal/OK for there to be a burning smell when it is used?

The smell of burning when in use can indicate that the treatment area hasn't been properly prepared for treatment. Skin must be completely hair-free (for best results by shaving, if hair is not completely removed it may damage the front of the device), cleaned and dried. If any visible hair remains above the surface of the skin, it can burn on treatment with the device. If you are concerned STOP treatment and contact us.

Q2  Is IPL hair removal machine for Men too?

IPL Hair removal machine is not just for women and is in fact a very popular and effective way for men to remove unwanted body or facial hair without having to worry about shaving rashes or getting ingrowing hairs. It is also popular for the transgender market where permanent hair removal can naturally play a key part in the transition process.

Q3   What body areas can be treated?

Almost any area of the body can be treated and the most common areas we treat are the legs, back, back of the neck, upper lip, chin, underarms, stomach, bikini line, face, chest, etc.

Q4   Is IPL safe for facial hair removal?

Facial hair can be removed with IPL from the cheeks down. It is not safe to use IPL anywhere near the eyes or for eyebrows as there is a strong danger of eye damage.

If you are buying a home IPL device and want to use it for facial hair, check carefully to check that it is suitable. Many devices have a separate flash cartridge for facial use, with a smaller window for greater precision.

Q5   Are permanent results guaranteed?

No, it is not possible to guarantee the results as there are a number of factors affecting them, not least the genetic makeup of the individual.

According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, it is impossible to determine in advance who will require how many treatments and how long hair will remain gone.

There are a small number of individuals for whom IPL just does not work, even though they may be the "perfect" subject on paper, with dark hair and light skin and there is currently no scientific explanation for this. 

However, the ever-growing popularity of IPL for hair removal and the number of glowing reviews bear testament to the fact that many people achieve very good results.

Q6   Why does it take so many sessions and so long to achieve good results?

In a nutshell, this is because hair growth follows 3 stages, with hair all over the body being in various different stages at any one time. Additionally, the growth cycle of the hair varies in time length depending on the part of the body in question.

IPL is only effective on the hairs that happen to be in the actively growing stage at the time of treatment, therefore a number of treatments are needed to be able to treat every hair in the growing stage.

Q7   How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments required will vary from person and also the treatment area. For most people, an average of eight to ten sessions are required to permanently reduce hair in the bikini or underarm area and we find that clients are amazed at the results one photo rejuvenation treatment can do. Various factors that come into play with the number of treatments such as the color of your hair and skin, as well as factors such as hormone levels, hair follicle size, and hair cycles.

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