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808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Equipment Treatment Range


Hair removal is a very distressing thing for people who love beauty. It can't achieve good results by using various ways. It takes time and effort and hurts the body. 808 diode laser hair removal machine can solve hair removal easily and achieve permanent hair removal effect.

808 Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine


808 diode laser hair removal machine adopts unique cooling protection, which can make the local skin cool to 5 ℃, just like in summer, there are cool snowflakes floating to feel cool; it overcomes the disadvantages of early hair removal, such as large side effects of cold touch color light, skin damage, bulky equipment, complex operation, etc. At the same time, it is a safe, fast and long-term hair removal technology.

The 808nm band penetrates deep, is highly targeted, accurate has a short cycle, and has high comfort. True painless hair removal, this is the advanced part of hair removal, and it is also professional, get rid of embarrassment and let you enjoy silky smoothness.

Treatment principle

Using the pyrogenation function of laser, the rich melanin tissue in the hair follicle absorbs a large amount of energy, and the temperature rises sharply. While destroying the melanin tissue such as the hair follicle and hair shaft, the thermal diffusion principle is used to supply the stem tissue around the hair follicles. It generates thermal damage, which fundamentally prevents the hair from re-growth, thereby permanently removing the hair. The freezing point of 808 is based on the principle of selective photothermodynamics. By rationally adjusting the laser wavelength, energy and pulse width, the light energy passes through the surface of the skin to the root hair follicles of the hair and is absorbed and converted into thermal energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, thereby making the hair loss of regeneration.


The frequency is the number of pulses per second. The higher the frequency, the higher the pulse energy. The scan mode is up-regulated from 1Hz.

Hair follicles during the growing season contain more melanin, which works better with lasers. During regression, melanin levels in the hair follicles decrease, and during rest, there is no melanin left in the hair follicles. So the laser hair removal should interval period of time, cent is done a few times, can do the hair of all period pertinently so, the result that achieves will be more satisfactory.

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