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New Impetus of Body-Shaping Market


The birth of electromagnetic muscle trainer equipment announces the technical core of traditional body shaping equipment. It has evolved from infrared thermal fat dissolving, RF radio frequency thermal fat dissolving, and HIFU (high energy focused ultrasound) fat-dissolving to a completely intelligent simulation of the movement of the core muscles of the human body. HI-EMT magnetic wave technology is the 4.0 stage of body shaping equipment.

It is understood that the electromagnetic muscle trainer equipment in principle gets rid of the simple "fat-melting" purpose of the traditional body shaping equipment. It stimulates motor nerves through the large flux of magnetic waves, thereby triggering a strong response of the human core muscles, which can generate 20,000 muscle contraction exercises in 30 minutes. A wide range of muscle exercises can achieve a fat-burning effect by gaining muscles, and healthy shaping, and can bring lasting effects comparable to gym exercises. Electromagnetic muscle trainer equipment uses HI-EMT magnetic wave technology to stimulate motor neurons so that their own muscles continue to expand and contract, perform extreme exercises so that the internal structure of the muscle can be deeply reshaped, and promote the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement) and produce new The protein chain and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), thereby training and increasing muscle density and volume. Therefore, the device is also known as a "muscle engine" in the beauty industry, and it is an effective scientific body-shaping device.

Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer

At the same time, electromagnetic muscle trainer equipment, combined with intelligent staged exercise design, can realize unattended operation, greatly reducing the labor cost of terminal stores and reducing the risk of loss of operators. Through the introduction of this new core technology, with the core demands of "increasing muscle fat, dissolving fat, and shaping health", the field of body shaping will surely set off a "HI-EMT body shaping whirlwind".

With the consumption iterations in recent years, consumer groups have undergone tremendous changes. Consumers in the beauty and body industry are increasingly pursuing intelligence, fast fashion, segmentation, and effective medical beautification. However, technology beauty and instrument beauty are less risky. The advantage of a short repair period just meets the above needs. The new consumer demand promotes the optimization of the new industry structure. The launch of electromagnetic muscle trainer equipment is the result of the innovative beauty industry's "basic research + technological research + achievement industrialization + technology finance" ecological chain of the whole process, accompanied by the improvement of the ecological chain This "muscle engine" will also drive a new growth model for the beauty industry and open a new chapter in the domestic beauty and body industry.

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