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HIFEM Saves Your Pelvic Floor Muscle


HIFEM technical principle

The magnetic vibration wave generated by the coil, the final magnetic vibration wave has a certain stimulation depth and focus. Taking the circular coil as an example, the magnetic vibration wave is like a crater as shown in the figure below, the magnetic induction intensity of the middle part is the highest, and the acting radius can reach 3-5cm, when applied to pelvic floor muscle stimulation, 7 Tesla magnetic vibration wave intensity can effectively penetrate the bone and stimulate the pelvic floor muscle. The stimulation depth is about 10 cm.

HIFEM Saves Your Pelvic Floor Muscle

Acting principle

By using HIFEM technology, the magnetic vibration waves generated by the coil stimulate motor neurons to control the pelvic floor muscles for extreme training, and stimulate the pelvic floor muscles to produce repeated hyper-contractions, thereby activating the pelvic floor muscle tissue and enhancing muscle control ability to promote the blood circulation of it, and increasing the number of muscle fibers to effectively improve pelvic floor muscles to restore firmness, improve elasticity, and improve the function of pelvic floor muscles.


Acting mechanism

By using non-invasive HIFEM energy to stimulate motor neurons to control the pelvic floor muscles to make it perform hyper-contraction exercises, activate the entire pelvic floor muscles, and enhance the coordination of its tension and its contraction and control ability, accelerating tissue repair and the recovery of physiological functions, so as to obtain more effective pelvic floor training. The main structures affected are muscle and motor neuron tissue. The results of the interaction with tissues include muscle contraction and increased blood circulation to the pelvic floor muscles.

HIFEM Saves Your Pelvic Floor Muscle

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