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Hi-EMT System


Mode of action

Electromagnetic fields generated by electromagnetic muscle trainers can penetrate deep muscles in the abdomen and buttocks without damaging the skin.

Stimulate the muscles to contract about 20000 times in half an hour. And only through strong efforts, it is possible to become powerful in a short period of time. There's talk about the biggest muscle stimulation. Even with very intensive exercise training, it cannot be achieved because muscle fibers relax during normal movement between individual nerve impulses.

Our brain cannot send another pulse while one pulse is still working. Hifem technology avoids this by generating high-frequency pulses that do not allow muscles to relax. It's like 20, 000 sit-ups or squats in half an hour. The great increase of muscle activity leads to the formation of new muscle fibers and myofibrils, namely "components" of muscle fibers. Studies have shown that after four treatments at intervals of two to three days, average muscle growth is about 16%.

Hifem also reduces the "bacon layer" in the abdomen, which, in contrast to the buttocks, usually requires the breakdown of adipose tissue. Super maximum muscle activity quickly consumes a lot of energy. Adrenaline is released more, which indicates that the body provides more energy. Adipocytes in the treatment area react and release more fatty acids.

But not all fat cells can withstand this sudden excess of fatty acids, so some of them die. Studies have shown that hifem can reduce gastric fat by about 19% on average.

Electromagnetic Muscle Trainers


  • - 19% fat reduction after 6 sessions

  • + 16% muscle exercise after 6 sessions

  • - 11% rectal separation after 6 sessions

  • Instead of 5.5 hours of exercise, do 30 minutes at a time

  • Every 2-3 days, each treatment cycle 4-6 times

  • Repeat 3-4 times a year

  • No pain, no sweat, comfortable and quick

The above information is provided by electromagnetic muscle trainers manufacturer.

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