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HI-EMT Makes It Easy to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat


I often hear people complain about how difficult it is to gain muscle and lose fat. Do you have this problem? Every fitness enthusiast should have the following situations: Why do you exercise for so long, but there is no change in your body? During the fat loss period, why does the weight increase without losing weight? During the muscle gain period, how do I make muscles grow? It is difficult to break through when stopping? The electromagnetic muscle trainer supplier will tell you: how to speed up muscle growth and prevent fat accumulation!

For the two different items of muscle gain and fat loss, muscle gain can be said to be a very difficult thing. Muscle gain is much more difficult than fat loss. Some of them even ignore fat for muscle growth. increase. Then let's first understand the concept of muscle gain and fat loss. To lose fat is to consume what you have in excess, and to gain muscle is to grow your muscles and leave what you eat in your body and transform it for muscles.

Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer

1. Strength training is very important

Muscle gain requires a certain amount of strength training, which is one of the very important conditions for muscle gain, or an essential condition. Then, what we need to know is that when we are doing strength training, the weight we make must be appropriate, not too heavy or too light, and we must have a good idea of this. In addition, the frequency must be appropriate, the exercises of strength training must be correct and standard, and the breathing rate must be controlled by yourself. All of these need to be paid attention to when we strength training. If there are some or some points that we cannot effectively satisfy, our muscle gain effect may be greatly reduced.

2. Reasonable nutritional intake and rest need

Nutrient intake is very important for our muscle-building effect. Whether muscle building is effective depends largely on our nutritional intake. In addition, rest is also very important, because our muscles sleep at night. If you don't sleep or rest well, muscle growth is very slow, or there is almost no growth. There is such a saying in the fitness circle that muscle gain depends on a three-point diet, seven-point training, and four-point support. The so-called muscle gain is difficult. We must maintain long-term good life habits in the process of gaining muscle.

Sincoheren's electromagnetic muscle trainer will bring you good news. HI-EMT is the medical technology of aesthetic medicine. It uses a focused electromagnetic field with a safe intensity level. The electromagnetic field travels through the body in a non-invasive manner and interacts with motor neurons, which then triggers ultra-maximal muscle contractions.

Contrary to spontaneous muscle contraction, the maximum contraction has nothing to do with brain function. HI-EMT uses a specific frequency range, which does not allow muscle relaxation between two consecutive stimulations. In the past, sculpting was just a simple reduction of fat, leaving the regret that the figure was not tight. The HI-EMT technology, with its function of "increasing muscle mass and reducing fat", breaks the defect that fat loss is not tight in the past. HI-EMT magnetic thinner: "Build muscle + reduce fat" in one step, creating a firm curve easily and efficiently.

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