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HI-EMT Helps You Have Sexy Lines


In the past, slimming trends focused on weight loss, but body size was not the focus. With the changes in society and the current trend of pursuing the perfect posture, the public pays more attention to their body shape and no longer only focuses on weight loss. Various methods of gaining muscle are circulating on the Internet. However, the pace of life in today's society is fast, modern people are busy living, most people have no time to exercise, and dieting will even hurt your body!

Sometimes at the same weight, some people are in great shape. Because of the same weight of fat and muscle, the volume of fat is three times larger than that of muscle! Therefore, the difference between being thin and fat is not about body weight. Muscle mass is also one of the important items that dominate perfect sexy lines.

Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer

Many people lose weight through exercise, and aerobic exercise (such as running) takes less than 30 minutes to achieve the effect of weight loss. Because the first 30 minutes of exercise consume the body's water and sugar, fat will only start to be consumed after 30 minutes. Exercise weight loss must have a complete plan to get twice the result with half the effort, that is, it takes at least 1-2 hours.

Compared with time-consuming aerobic exercise, short-term high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is more effective in slimming and increasing muscle endurance. After many people are over 30, their weight will gradually increase with age, and their muscle mass is no longer as good as when they were in their twenties. Muscle tissue is reduced, resulting in a decrease in basal metabolic rate. If you don't even change your eating habits, you will easily gain weight and begin to accumulate fat. In addition to improving your basal metabolic rate through muscle strength training, the effect can also last until the end of the exercise, so that people can continue to lose fat during sleep, and the time required is more than aerobic exercise much less. Even lying down can reduce fat and increase muscle mass, helping you regain your sexy lines!

Using high-intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer (HI-EMT) technology, the electromagnetic field is used to non-invasively pass through the body and interact with motor neurons. The brain will send information to stimulate motor neurons and trigger muscles to shrink. High-speed and frequent contractions will promote muscle strengthening. The energy penetrates into deeper muscle tissues through customized preset programs to strengthen stimulation and train muscles. Stimulated muscles increase blood circulation and burn calories.

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