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Freezing Weight Loss Can Reduce Body Fat


There is no need for liposuction to lose weight, can fat be removed by freezing? That's right! 

According to media reports, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved "frozen slimming ".

This Fat Freeze Weight Loss Machine can "freeze" excess body fat and help people easily reduce excess body fat such as the abdomen, waist, or arms through non-invasive means.

According to reports, this device is a painless alternative to liposuction. During treatment, doctors first use a gel patch to fix the obese part of the patient's excess fat and then freeze the fat cells. Low temperatures can "freeze" fat cells. These frozen fat cells are reabsorbed by the body and "washed out" in the next few months, making the patient slimmer.

Fat Freeze Weight Loss Machine

According to reports, liposuction is the hottest cosmetic surgery, and its popularity has surpassed breast augmentation surgery. However, liposuction is not only costly but also has a painful 1-3 hour operation. It is an uncompromising "spend money". The non-intrusive "freezing method" can be done with just one meal.

Scientists say that fat can be frozen to death, but other tissues of the body such as skin and muscle can tolerate subzero temperatures, so the "freezing method" will not cause permanent damage to other tissues of the body.

Researcher Mitchell Levinson said that a three-year follow-up survey of obese patients found that "freeze-out of fat" does not occur with frozen weight loss. The lumbar cellulite only needs to be treated once, and the beer belly or arm cellulite needs to be frozen twice. However, this weight loss method is only suitable for people who lose a little fat, not for obesity treatment.

Researchers point out that during treatment, patients will experience a "strong cold feeling", but this feeling will soon disappear. During the entire treatment process, patients can sit or lie comfortably to receive fat reduction. Many patients pass the time by reading books, reading newspapers, or listening to MP3s, and some patients simply close their eyes or take a day nap.

The above information is reproduced by the Cryolipolysis Machine Manufacturer.

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