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Overcome the COVID-19,we will be with you

Pulished on Mar. 17, 2020

The spread of the coronavirus in the world has brought great trouble to the production and life of people around the world. Although facing the virus, we cannot rush to the front line to treat diseases and save people like medical staff, but at least we must have awareness of prevent ourselves.Beijing Sincoheren Technology Development Co., Ltd. has sorted out several protection suggestions for all our customers, hoping to help everyone.

(1)You must wear N95 or disposable medical masks when going out. Try not to go to crowded places or places with poor ventilation. It is recommended to reduce outings and party activities to minimize potential virus spreaders..

 Overcome the COVID-19,we will be with you

(2)Washing hands frequently is an important precautionary measure. Care should be taken to maintain hand hygiene. Wash hands with soap or water after meals, coughs, or contact with animals, or use hand sanitizers containing alcohol.

(3)Don't buy poultry or seafood from unknown sources. In addition, food must be cooked before eating. It is best to use tableware for disinfection.

(4)you can take appropriate and moderate activities at home to ensure good health. Appropriate exercise will release negative emotions, and it will definitely help improve the body's immunity.

Overcome the COVID-19,we will be with you

(5)if there are respiratory symptoms associated with people who have had fever or cough, do not buy medicines or take medicines in a hurry. You should wear a disposable medical mask to the hospital in time.

Overcome the COVID-19,we will be with you

During the epidemic, Beijing Sincoheren will be with all our clients and spared no effort to provide customers with various protective supplies. Through our various inspections, we have won a large number of quality necessities such as surgical masks, N95 masks and protective clothing for customers, and resolutely meet customer needs.

The coronavirus isolated germs but could not isolate life. Beijing Sincoreheren also launched homeuse ipl hair removal machine and homeuse skin tightening Light Therapy beauty led face masks, so that everyone can enjoy treatment and stay at home without leaving home.


Beijing Sincoheren also sent our professional medical team to contribute to the prevention and control of the coronavirus,We resolutely follow the pace of the country. We firmly believe that with the efforts of many parties, we will definitely overcome the coronavirus. Therefore, we should maintain rational thinking, do our own protection, and have the confidence and courage to defeat the disease for the prevention and control of the coronavirus, believing that everything will get better.

If you have any questions, please contact us in time, Beijing Sincoheren Technology Development Co., Ltd. will do our best to serve you.