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Working Process of RF Fat Reduction Machine


The working principle of radiofrequency lipolysis is to use two electrodes inside and outside to jointly emit high-frequency electric waves, and simultaneously act on the subcutaneous fat layer and the dermis layer, which can achieve the purpose of tightening the skin while eliminating fat. Our company provides cryolipolysis machine.

The intervention of radiofrequency transforms fibroblasts (FC) into fibroblasts. Thermal aggregation induces the body's wound healing response, causing collagen fibroblasts to begin to continuously release collagen, new fibroblast energy sources continue to accumulate new collagen and reconstruct a high-precision mesh subcutaneous support structure without any leaks.

Cryolipolysis Machine

The thermal effect of radiofrequency increases the temperature of the subcutaneous tissue to 60-65 °C. The increase in temperature can cause a series of biochemical reactions, effectively promote fat metabolism, and solve the problem of local fat accumulation in the face and body.

1. Sonic explosion

By hitting the fat layer directly with strong sound waves, the deep stubborn fat is vibrated at a high speed, and numerous vacuum cavities are generated inside and outside the fat cells, which strongly impact the fat cells, causing the fat cells to burst inward and break down into free fatty acids.

2. Radiolysis

Through high-efficiency radio frequency energy, it promotes fat decomposition again, promotes the body's metabolism, and breaks down free fatty acids through the liver-gut circulation, and the lymphatic channels are excreted from the body.

3. Ultrawave energy crushing

Promote the body's absorption of the product, and make blood and lymph circulation smoother. After the fat cells are swelled, the pressured blood circulation is released, and excess waste and burned fat are taken away.

4. Biomimetic current press

It is based on modern physiotherapy, imitation biology, and medical aesthetic anatomy, to treat and balance body functions, increase the consumption of calories in the body, in order to directly achieve the effects of fat elimination, fat extraction, and weight loss.

The above information is provided by Cavitation RF Fat Reduction Machine Manufacturer.

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