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Technical Principle and Advantages of RF Slimming Machine


The technical principle of RF slimming machine:

The rapid thermal effect of radiofrequency in the body can stimulate the proliferation of collagen cells, achieve a firming effect, and make human fat cells produce a strong impact and friction between fat cells, effectively consuming heat and shrinking fat cells; when the vibration frequency reaches After a certain range, a strong collision occurs between the cells, and the cells burst instantly, reducing fat cells. The bioenergy effect can quickly enhance local blood circulation, quickly activate lipase, and accelerate the decomposition of triglycerides in subcutaneous fat cells into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are excreted through liver metabolism.

Infrared rays can heat the fibroblasts of connective tissue and accelerate the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers.

When radiofrequency and infrared light are used in combination, light energy is used to adjust the impedance value in the body, reduce the resistance of the epidermis to radiofrequency, guide the energy to concentrate deep into the connective tissue and increase the effect on deep tissue; use the skin to selectively absorb light energy to cause the difference in impedance between the target tissue and the normal skin. In the case of low light energy intensity, the target tissue's absorption of radiofrequency is strengthened, and the side reactions (blister/pigmentation) that may be caused by the heat effect of excessive light energy are eliminated and improved Customer comfort; electromagnetic energy is used as the "catalyst" of light energy, and light energy is used to make up for the lack of electromagnetic energy, reduce the ability of deep disease, and reduce the probability of epidermal burns.

Cavitation RF Slimming Machine

Advantages of radiofrequency fat burning:

1. Postpartum repair, eliminate stretch marks, good news for postpartum mothers;

2. The effect is remarkable: it overcomes the biggest difficulty of laser and photon, which is the obstacle of insufficient penetration depth. It is an ideal heating technology for fat cells, which can quickly lose weight and shape the body;

3. Safe and reliable: The radiofrequency system uses patented ring electrode technology to ensure that the radiofrequency field is distributed very uniformly, avoiding the risk of skin burns caused by hot spots in the heating area, and ensuring easy and safe treatment;

4. Convenient and fast: a single treatment only takes 20-30 minutes, which does not affect work and life.


Orange peel-like changes in the skin, wrinkle removal, lipolysis, firming and body shaping, upper eyelid lifting, constriction after liposuction, postpartum constriction, and shaping.

The above information is provided by RF slimming machine factory.

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