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Function and Working Principle of RF Fat Reduction Device


Radiofrequency refers to electromagnetic waves in a certain frequency range. The RF beauty instrument puts the emission source close to the skin so that the radiofrequency can penetrate the skin to reach the dermis, through the method of damaging and eliminating fat cells, to achieve the effects of reducing fat and reducing perimeter. Fractional CO2 Laser Equipment Supplier shares with you.

One of the outstanding advantages of RF is that it can be used all over the body: you can choose RF for cellulite on the belly and cellulite on the thigh. Radiofrequency has the effect of tightening the skin because the heat it generates can damage the skin, change the existing collagen structure, shrink and tighten the collagen (short-term effect), and at the same time can stimulate the fibroblasts of the dermis Cells re-produce new collagen (long-term effect). Because heat destroys the subcutaneous structure and collagen increases, some wrinkles are less visible, so the functions of firming, lifting, and reducing wrinkles are always connected.

Fractional CO2 Laser Equipment

1. Powerful fat explosion and fat removal

The sound waves with a frequency of 40000HZ emitted by a strong acoustic wave head that gathers strong sound waves can make the human fat cells produce a strong impact and frictional movement between fat cells after entering the human body, which can effectively consume calories and consume cell water. In order to shrink the fat cells, in addition, when the sound wave vibrates, it can cause a strong crack and impact between the cells, the cells burst instantly, and the fat cells are reduced, thereby achieving the effect of fat removal.

2. Dissolve fat, lymph detox, firm skin, and enhance skin elasticity

With the most advanced radiofrequency technology and energy radio frequency in one, it can reach the fat body directly and has the superiority of targeted radiofrequency output. Under the fast and active state, the fat cell tissue generates the thermal energy of the cell body and frictional heat, making the local temperature Elevated. Excess fat and toxins are excreted from the body through sweat glands, hepato-intestinal circulation, and lymph to achieve the effect of dissolving fat.

3. Improve cellulite, slimming and shaping

The biological waves generated by the energy electrodes of the instrument stimulate the corresponding acupuncture points of the body, using different frequencies and pulses, under the coordinated interaction of multiple physical and electronic, to effectively stimulate the fat body, and let the body move, thereby consuming calories and Fat to achieve body contouring.

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