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What Can Fractional Lasers Treat?


Can fractional laser treat stretch marks?

Stretch marks generally appear under the navel and pubic area of pregnant women and are irregular cracks in light red or purple. These markings will gradually shrink after the pregnant woman gives birth, becoming silvery-white, and eventually, the skin will become loose. In essence, there are three main problems with stretch marks: one is depigmentation, which makes stretch marks appear white, which is the main reason that affects the beauty of the abdomen; the other is the different degrees of relaxation and shrinkage of the skin, making the skin appear a crepe paper appearance; the third is the breakage of collagen fibers. Therefore, the first treatment is to restore the normal color of the skin, and the second is to eliminate the wrinkled paper appearance of stretch marks. Fractional laser can be used on stretch marks that are difficult to treat. By stimulating the skin tissue, the damaged skin can regenerate collagen and rearrange it. This restores the skin to a soft, smooth state and helps reduce the appearance or range of stretch marks. After several courses of treatment, the color of stretch marks can be lightened, and the width of stretch marks can be significantly narrowed, making it less obvious.

Fractional CO2 Laser

Can fractional laser treat pigmentation after burns and scalds?

The scars after some superficial burns are mainly hyperpigmented. Including depressed scar pigmentation left by acne and superficial scar pigmentation caused by trauma, burns, and scalds, as well as scars around surgical skin grafts and local pigmentation of skin grafts. These symptoms cannot be resolved by surgery.

Fractional CO2 laser treatment of skin scar pigmentation is to use the principle of focal photothermal action to vaporize the scar tissue containing melanocytes, and finally, achieve the purpose of skin surface reconstruction. The total effective rate can reach 77-100%. Pay attention to sunscreen after the operation, and use hydroquinone cream and other drugs as auxiliary treatment, which can promote the effect and reduce the recurrence of pigment rebound.

Fractional laser is suitable for early (hyperplastic) or late (mature) scar treatment?

The fractional CO2 laser is different from an ordinary CO2 laser. It adopts high-peak short-pulse technology, which can make the laser maintain high peak energy throughout the ultra-short pulse period, and can vaporize the target tissue accurately in an instant, and it acts on the target tissue. The time is shorter than the heat diffusion time to surrounding tissues. Therefore, the thermal damage to the tissue can be minimized. Although multiple micro-injured areas with columnar structures are formed on the scar, because a part of the normal scar tissue is retained, the skin repair and reconstruction process will be initiated due to the damage. Therefore, the fractional laser is suitable for the treatment of superficial scars, hypertrophic scars, and mild contracture scars in various stages.

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