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What Should Be Paid Attention to after Laser Scar Removal?


The laser is currently the best way to get rid of scars. The laser scar removal method is suitable for flat scars without obvious dysfunction, small and uneven depressions of varying sizes and unevenness left after healing of smallpox, chickenpox, and acne, bridge-like and redundant scars, and can also be used to treat hyperplastic scar And keloids.


So today we will briefly understand what to pay attention to when laser scar removal? Fractional CO2 Laser Equipment Supplier explains the six major precautions after laser scar removal:

1. Eat more contain vitamin C and E of food or oral vitamin C, as far as possible to eat less soy sauce, crab, beef, pickles, shrimp, wine, coffee, and other stimulating food, go out to avoid the 2020-03-20direct sight.

2. To restore the texture to its natural state, the repair cream must be used in accordance with the doctor's plan, and it can not be stopped until the skin texture is good.

3. To maintain a comfortable mood, avoid excessive worry, having enough sleep is a good helper for repair.

4. After treatment, care should be taken not to use inferior cosmetics and peeling, peeling, and hormone products.

5. Apply 4 times a day to repair the cream. Before applying the cream, you must use the facial milk that contains no acid, soap, and treatment. Wash the area thoroughly with no foam facial milk, then dry all the water with the tissue, then apply the cream.

6. Do not exfoliate or steam mulberry within six months after treatment, and use sunscreen during the day.

Laser removal of scars, if applied properly, generally does not appear to be dangerous, and in rare cases, complications such as scar formation and pigmentation may locally occur, which are mostly caused by improper depth of treatment. After laser scar removal, oral antibiotics are also required for 3 days. Patients with a large treatment area should extend the medication time. Do not forcefully remove the wound after scabbing, wait for it to fall off naturally. Pay attention to avoid sun exposure and wind and sand stimulation after exfoliation.

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