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Magic Fractional Laser


What is a fractional laser?

Fractional laser is not a laser but refers to a working mode of the laser. As long as the diameter of the laser beam (spot) is less than 500 μm, and the laser beam is regularly arranged into a lattice, the laser at this time the working mode is the fractional laser.

What is fractional technology?

A large number of studies have shown that the lattice pattern, lattice density, micropore size, and micropore depth directly affect the treatment results. Therefore, how to control the lattice mode to achieve the best therapeutic effect is an important development direction of the lattice laser technology. The latest fractional output technology adopts Computer Scanning Technology. Through computers and sophisticated optical scanners, doctors can directly control the fractional laser output mode, including fractional size, density, distance, and shape. The diameter and depth of each micro-hole make the fractional laser treatment more suitable for the needs of patients. The damage caused is truly minimally invasive and controllable, enhancing the treatment effect, and reducing side effects. The dot matrix using computer intelligent laser scanning technology is the real dot matrix.

Fractional CO2 Laser Equipment

What is the principle of fractional laser treatment of scars?

The fractional CO2 laser equipment is a gas laser, and the principle of action is "focal photothermal action". The fractional laser generates arrays of tiny beams that are applied to the skin to form small thermally damaged areas with multiple three-dimensional cylindrical structures. There are undamaged normal tissues around each small injury area, and its keratinocytes can crawl quickly and make it heal quickly. It can make collagen fibers and elastic fibers proliferate and rearrange, make the content of type I and type III collagen fibers close to the normal ratio, change the structure of pathological scar tissue, gradually soften and restore elasticity. The main absorption group of the fractional laser is water, and water is the main component of the skin, which can cause the dermal collagen fibers to be heated to shrink and denature, and induce the wound healing reaction in the dermis, the collagen produced in order to deposit, and promote collagen proliferation, So as to improve skin elasticity and reduce scars, the main mechanisms include: ①damage and inhibit the blood vessel tissue in the scar tissue; ②vaporize and remove the scar tissue; ③inhibit fibrous tissue production and excessive proliferation; ④induce fibroblast apoptosis.

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