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Acne Treatment recommendations


 Acne is caused by many factors, which is related to diet, environment, endocrine, life and skin care habits. Therefore, comprehensive treatment is recommended for moderate and severe acne (control of diet, adjustment of sleep, repair of skin barrier, oral drugs, topical drugs, physical therapy and chemical puncture), active control of inflammation, reduction of severe acne complications (pigmentation and scar), and prevention of recurrence.

Diet: avoid sweet food (including drinks), eat less greasy, spicy food.

Skin care: avoid over-cleansing your skin, and moisturize and block the sun after cleansing (physical sunscreen is the main one). Avoid the use of isolation, foundation concealer cream and other color makeup to increase the skin burden.

Oral drugs:

1. Minocycline Hydrochloride: for propionibacterium acnes, the course of treatment is 6-8 weeks. If there is no special discomfort, please do not stop the drug by yourself.

2. Tanshinone Capsule: inhibit male hormone, anti-inflammatory, female in the menstrual period, to avoid excessive menstrual volume.

3. Isotretinoin Capsule: the course of treatment shall be 4-6 months, and the symptoms of dry eyes, dry lips and dry skin will appear within 1 week of taking the medicine. The symptoms shall be relieved automatically at the later stage of taking the medicine, and moisturizing and sunscreen shall be done well. The onset time is 2-4 weeks (a few more than 6 weeks). Pregnancy can only be planned after half a year of drug withdrawal.

Topical drugs:

1. Fusidic Acid: apply to inflammatory (redness, pain) acne

2. Benzoyl Peroxide: combined with antibiotic ointment, it is anti-inflammatory and has no drug resistance.

3. Vitamin A acid ointment: for acne, inflammatory papules, strong irritation, local small amount of smear, use every night.

4. 2% Supramolecular Salicylic Acid: combined with 30% supramolecular salicylic acid maintenance therapy for acne, inflammatory papules and acne marks.

Physical therapy and chemical peeling:

1. Red and blue light treatment: it has bactericidal effect on propionibacterium acne, good anti-inflammatory effect and can repair skin barrier. 

    8 times as one course with interval of every two days

Acne Treatment recommendations

2. Fruit acid and supramolecular salicylic acid have obvious effects on acne, inflammatory papules and acne marks. Treat for about 30 minutes once every 2 to 4 weeks. Fruit acid treatment concentration: different from skin care products added in the low concentration of acid. Supramolecular salicylic acid : water-soluble, different from traditional fat-soluble salicylic acid, has little skin irritation and is suitable for the treatment of sensitive skin acne. Anti-inflammatory effect is particularly prominent.

3. Intense pulsed light treatment: targeted at some inflammatory acne, acne scars (especially red acne marks), and skin pores.

   4 times 1 course with 1 month apart No down time. 

Acne Treatment recommendations

4. E-Matrix Fractional CO2 Laser: acne scars, scars and enlarged pores. 

One week down time with proper sunblock 

Acne Treatment recommendations

5. Micro needle RF: Inflammatory acne, acne scars,pregnancy lines, big pores.

Recommended to treat together with fractional CO2 laser Ematrix.

Little down time, no scabbing.

Back to normal routine after 24 hours.

After 24 hours, you can wash your face and protect your skin normally.

2 to 3 times as one course with interval time of every 2 months. 

From :

Dermatology Dept.

Sichuan University Wangjiang Hospital